Lorraine Kelly's make-up artist gives her skincare tips for women over 40

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As you get older, it's inevitable that your skin changes.

Skin ages along with the rest of our bodies, and so it makes sense that, in the same way that we exercise to take better care of our bodies, we need to take more care of our skin.

But given the wealth of conflicting advice, it's always difficult to work out what kind of care our skin actually needs as we enter every different decade of our life.

But luckily, we've stumbled across some handy hints from a particularly talented make-up artist, Helen Hand.

She's actually Lorraine Kelly's make-up artist, works on Good Morning Britain, and has worked with Christine Lampard in the past - so she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to helping women look their best.

Helen has compiled a list of handy tips and tricks for women of all ages, to share how we can look after our skin and give it exactly what it needs at every stage of our lives.

For women in their forties and fifties, Helen recognises that our skin changes dramatically in that time.

She said, "Women in their forties and fifties may experience dramatic skin changes, often caused by the menopause among other things. Skin can become dehydrated, dull, grey, excessively dry and develop deeper lines as we age."

So what can we do to combat the issues?

According to Helen, a more "concentrated" type of moisturiser is required in order to keep our skin looking soft and supple - so forget the ‘light' creams - time to turn to the heavy duty face creams.

Make-up artist Helen also recommends applying a balm or oil under your moisturiser first, to ensure that your skin gets the level of hydration it craves.

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But one thing never to do in your 40s and 50s?

When applying products to your face and neck, "never drag the skin down". Instead, apply in a circular motion as, according to Helen, "this will stimulate the skin and get the blood flowing".

So simple, but so helpful.

Helen also suggests considering a gentle concealer to mask the appearance of those tricky spider veins, if you're intending to show off that area of your body.

While the problem can be made worse by standing all day or being overweight, a concealer (the same that you'd use for your face), can mask the appearance of the unsightly veins, if they bother you.

And it's something we're always told - that your hands are the biggest giveaway of your age that there is.

If you want to keep yours as smooth and youthful as possible, Lorraine's make-up artist recommends massaging an oil into them, along with a good hand cream and regular exfoliation.

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But what about people who are looking to look after their skin in their 60s and over? Although there's not much difference in age, it turns out that there's a few differences in skincare for the two decades.

Helen says, "Women 60 and above will experience an increase in dryness, a reduction in elasticity, heavier and deeper lines and some may even notice liver and age spots. It's so important to continue to protect and maintain a nourishing skin regime."

It's certainly key to keep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. But women 60+ should also invest in a winning eye cream, to use every day.

Helen says, "Pay special attention to the area around the eyes. Use an eye cream everyday and an eye mask at least once a week to minimise the appearance of deep and coarse lines."

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She also advises a regular exfoliation of your entire body to boost circulation.

Helen suggest doing so at least once a week, and then to massage in cream or oil to your entire body, "to boost circulation and stimulate the lymph nodes. This will keep it soft and hydrated".

When you reach a certain age, skin also comes thinner and more delicate, and can bruise more easily - but it's an easy problem to fix if you notice this happening.

Helen says, "using products like Arnica can bring out the bruising and help calm and heal the affected area."

Don't worry Helen, we're on it!

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