How to get rid of puffy eyes and minimise dark circles

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    Puffy eyes, ringed with dark circles is the quickest way to add 5 years. So it seems unfair that most of us, through not fault of our own regularly wake up with them. Commonly associated with a late night, puffy eyes symbolise excessive tiredness and fatigue, but they can also be caused by allergies, stress, dehydration and natural ageing.

    As we age the membrane or ‘septum’ that normally holds fat in place in the upper and lower lid starts to thin and the fatty tissue falls forward, causing a bulge or ‘bags’ as we all know them.

    So, how to get rid of puffy eyes?

    Well for starters you could pop two thin slices of cucumber over your eyes but this can take time and the results rarely last. Or you could invest in one our favourite de-puffing products which will slip effortlessly into your daily routine.

    New studies have revealed a surprise ingredient that de-puffs eyes: barley. Celebrity dermatologist Dr Ronald Moy claims that derivatives from the grain are something of a wonder-cure for banishing that tired under-eye look. “They stimulate the stem cells in the thin under-eye skin to grow thicker collagen, which then leads to tighter skin,” he explained. In fact, it’s more sustainable long-term than the similarly tightening effect of Botox.

    To get the most out of your de-puffing products consider a quick daily under-eye massage. ‘Massage helps de-puff and get circulation moving,’ says says Sally Penford, education manager at the International Dermal Institute.

    Hydration is everything, so combine both when you apply eye products. You will notice an instant lift, and over time, a longer lasting difference, says the brains behind the mini massage, Nathalie Eleni – international facialist to natural beauties including Livia Firth and Carey Mulligan.

    Here are her top three tips for how to get rid of puffy eyes at home:

    Apply some eye gel or cream, then place your ring finger (has the least
    amount of pressure) just under the tear duct of each eye. Using medium
    pressure with a pumping movement, slowly press along the under-eye area
    in about 10 gradual moves until you reach your temples

    2. Now
    massage the temples, which is a lymph node, using small circular,
    anti-clockwise movements to help drain toxins and fluids from the face.
    Continue this technique along you eye sockets, round towards your
    temples again. Slowly repeat three times

    3. Finally, place the
    index finger at the bridge of your nose just under the brow. Pushup and
    under the muscle, so that you are lifting it and hold for the count of
    ten. Work your way along the whole brow with this technique and repeat
    three times.

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