Top 10 Curling Tongs

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  • Whether you prefer coiled, corkscrew or wavy curls we've got perfect curling tongs to suit every hair type...

    Nothing is more flattering or youthful than a head full of big, bouncy curls. But for those of us with naturally straight hair, those luscious locks can feel unattainable. 

    That’s where these super curling irons come in. With every conceivable barrel shape, size, heat setting and grip, anyone can achieve gorgeous waves and curls to suit your hair type and style. 

    Curling irons are also a great way to add more volume and texture to your hair, whether you want to wear it down and loose or in an elegant updo. 

    Depending on the size of the barrel, you can achieve tight knit curls (think Sarah Jessica Parker or Alicia Keys), loose tumbling waves (Jerry Hall’s go-to glamorous look) or bouncy waves (favoured by Kate Middleton). 

    So, which curling tong is right for you? If you have delicate or fine hair, then you should opt for a smaller barrel and stay at the lower end of the temperature settings, as this will create a tighter curl that is less likely to drop and won’t further dry out your hair. Thicker locks can handle a higher heat and a wider barrel. Once you’ve tonged your locks into perfection, brush them through then make your curls last all day long with a few spritzes of lightweight hairspray. 

    If you’re looking to create sleek Hollywood waves or cool-girl messy curls, the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand is all you need. The tapered barrel varies by 5mm from 28mm at its thickest to 23mm at its slimmest – just enough to change the curl without ever veering into tight corkscrew territory. Yes, it’s on the pricier end of the wand spectrum, but got plenty of nifty features to show where your money goes. The heat is a uniform 185 degrees from tip to tip, enough to work in about 5 seconds per section without damage, the chord is long enough to reach any mirror from any plug, plus it automatically turns itself off after 30 minutes so you’ll never get ‘have I left them on?’ fear again. Priceless.  

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