The best silk pillowcases 2021—that will help to reduce frizz, wrinkles and irritation

These are the best silk pillowcases for every skin type, hair texture, and budget

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We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep—but did you know that using one of the best silk pillowcases can really help you to maximize those precious 6-8 hours?

Choosing the best pillows and the best mattresses for our bodies are incredibly important considerations when we're attempting to get some quality shut-eye. But having a silk pillowcase can also help to create the ideal setting for some quality beauty sleep. Depending on which sleeping position you prefer, our faces and hair experience major friction while we sleep. When sleeping on rougher cotton pillowcases, this friction is reported to lead to an increase in lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as split ends and frizz in the hair. Silk, on the other hand, is a smoother, gentler fabric, which is less likely to irritate. As a natural material, silk is also a less absorbent fabric, preserving any skincare we might have applied during our bedtime routine

During our testing of the best silk pillowcases, we found the hugely popular Slip Silk pillowcase to be the best contender—not surprising given its cult following. The Holistic Silk pillowcase also proved to be a fabulous luxury pick, too. While the LULUSilk pillowcase bagged the spot for our best budget option.

The benefits of silk pillowcases

When it comes to the many silk pillowcase benefits, there are plenty of great ones to shout about, including:

  • Less hair breakage and frizz—even in our deepest sleep, our body is constantly moving. The friction between our hair and a normal, cotton pillowcase often leads to breakage, thinning, split ends, and frizz. But as an anti-static material, silk’s innate slippiness reduces that friction and is altogether much gentler on the hair. 
  • Gentler and kinder on skin—some beauty experts argue that rough cotton pillowcases can contribute towards signs of aging, such as wrinkles and lines. But the soft smoothness of silk pillowcases is much gentler on your skin and is thought to slow the rate of appearance.
  • Better absorption of skin care products—if your bedtime routine involves layering active serums and nurturing moisturizers onto your face, a silk pillowcase can help these products work their magic. Cotton pillowcases are hyper absorbent and soak up the moisture our skin and hair crave. But silk is far less absorbent, meaning that the products we apply to our skin stay on our skin, rather than get wasted on a pillowcase. Satin pillowcases can also offer similar benefits at a lower price, too (if you're deciding between the two, we've weighed up whether a silk or satin pillowcase is better).
  • They're cooler and more comfortable—for those who suffer from night sweats, silk pillowcases offer a more comfortable night's sleep thanks to their cooling texture. 
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial—great for sensitive skin types and those who suffer from menopausal acne

How we tested the best silk pillowcases

Finding and testing the best silk pillowcases out there wasn’t simply a case of sleeping simply. We assessed the below pillowcases on a range of factors, including: 

  • The smoothness of the pillow—we tested just how smooth the pillowcases felt, and as well as any that were too slippy, as this would be uncomfortable and prove detrimental in getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Effects on our skin and hair—next to consider was our skin and hair the morning after. Were there any pillow creases on our faces? Had our skincare rubbed into the pillow and stained it? Was our hair smooth and silky, or lacking in moisture?
  • The material—nearly all of the silk pillowcases tested are made from Mulberry silk, which is commonly used as it is both hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial. Rather than thread count, silk fabrics use momme, the standard unit to measure silk's weight and thickness. Most of the pillowcases tested had a momme count of 19-25—and we did find that those with a higher count generally performed better. 
  • The pillowcase after washing—after a few nights of testing, we also wanted to see how the silk pillowcases performed after washing (some required hand-washing while others could be machine washed). It was important to check how the silk pillowcases held up after washing, as they need to be able to stay in the best quality for use time and time again.
  • Size—size also mattered when testing the best silk pillowcases. Some brands only offer one size, whereas others had up to five. Equally, some silk pillowcases came up small on standard pillows. We tested this on the below cases, as it's an important consideration to ensure your pillowcase fits just right. 
  • Style options—last but by no means least, the style options were incredibly important. We examined how many color options were on offer for all pillowcases, and how nice the pillowcases looked overall.

The best silk pillowcases as reviewed by our experts

Slip silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Slip)

1. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase overall

RRP : $89
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colorways : Over 15 colours including white, navy, caramal and black
Size(s) : Queen, King, 40cmx80, 80x80
Thickness : 22 momme
Reasons to buy
+Left skin feeling smooth and hydrated+Large range of pillow sizes+Zip or envelope closure+Cooling and refreshing to sleep on
Reasons to avoid
-Fabric wrinkled after washing

Slip has an almost cult-like following from celebs and dermatologists alike, and it's no surprise, as the brand has been refining its design for many years. And it certainly seems to have paid off.

On first impressions, their 22-momme pillowcase was beautifully smooth to touch. And in sleep testing, it yielded fantastic morning-after results. Our tester's skincare remained on her face rather than being absorbed into my pillowcase, which left her with radiant skin the next morning that didn't feel crumpled or lined with pillow marks. Her hair was also frizz-free the next day—a big tick for us. The Slip pillowcase didn’t have the highest momme count of those tested (although its pretty good), but the thermal-regulating was a big bonus and made up for that massively—the pillow was cooling and refreshing even on warmer evenings. Our tester's partner also commented on how he even felt a difference in his beard the next day!

Available in both an envelope and zip closure, Slip’s range of colors and pillowcase sizes is solid. This means that finding a pillowcase to suit your bedroom aesthetic and needs is incredibly easy. It performed well in washing and can conveniently be hand-washed or machine-washed, making it simple to look after. One drawback we noted was that the fabric was a little wrinkled after washing, but this is something that can be simply solved with a quick iron (see our guide to how to clean an iron, as you'll want to make sure your not smearing any debris onto your pillowcase when doing so). 

Overall, this is our pick for the best silk pillowcase out there.

Lulusilk silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Lulusilk)

2. LULUSILK silk pillowcase

Best budget silk pillowcase

RRP: $17
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colorways: 20 colours from white and ivory to water green and violet.
Size(s) : Standard, King and Queen pillowcase sizes
Thickness: 16 momme
Reasons to buy
+Very cooling on the face+Smooth pillowcase+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-A little slippy

At just $17 (£12), Lulusilk is our top budget-friendly option and allows everyone to enjoy the luxury of a silk pillowcase on their beds.

Lulusilk's pillowcase was incredibly silky for the price—which was a blessing for smooth, crease-free skin. Our tester's hair also had noticeably less frizz than when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, which is another big plus. However, we found it to be a bit too slippery for the most comfortable sleep, in comparison to the others, which is where you might notice the dip in price.

Notably, the Lulusilk doesn’t have the luxurious quality of the others and is undoubtedly a no-frills product. The brand (that only sells on Amazon) says it has a 16 momme count—but some reviewers of the product have commented that they think it may be a polyester blend rather than 100% silk. Still, it does the job very well if you need something that fits your budget, or you want to try a more affordable silk pillowcase option before investing in something a bit pricier. That's why it's our best silk pillowcase option for those who can't or don't want to spend as much.

Holistic Silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Holistic Silk)

3. Holistic Silk Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase

Best luxury silk pillowcase

RRP : £80
Material : 100% Mulberry Silk
Colourways: White, Cream, Jade, Rose, Navy, Saffron Silver
Size(s) : Standard Pillow of 75cm x 50cm
Thickness : 22 momme
Reasons to buy
+22 momme fabric weight+Strong fabric+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid
-Pricier than others

With 20 years of experience in silk pillowcases, Holistic Silk has been selling the same high-quality product since 1999. Starting at the packaging, their luxuriously plush pillowcase has an immediate high-quality feel, which sets the tone for the product from the beginning. 

After a few nights of testing, our tester's skin and hair were left feeling smooth and hydrated. After using face moisturizers and oil, she felt confident that her skincare was staying on her face, rather than being absorbed by the pillow. And while their self-titled “anti-aging” pillowcase isn’t actually infused with any anti-aging skincare ingredients, the brand is confident their product will help to minimize friction and prevent facial creasing—which we would wholeheartedly agree with.

Aesthetically, Holistic Silk pillowcases have a decorative piping detail around the seam and have a traditional envelope closure, which gives it a really premium look, almost like a hotel pillow. They don't offer a huge color range (as opposed to the other pillowcases on this list), but what they do provide is a curated edit of neutrals and more vibrant colors which will look chic and stylish in any bedroom. Handily, this silk pillowcase is also machine washable, which makes it ideal if you're after a low-maintenance option. 

Mela silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Mela)

4. Mela Eucalyptus Silk Pillow

Best vegan silk pillowcase and best cooling silk pillowcase

RRP: £39.99 for a pair
Material : 100% Eucalyptus
Colorways : Stone, Blush, White
Size(s): 50cm x 75cm
Thickness: N/A
Reasons to buy
+Vegan alternative to silk+Incredibly cooling to sleep on+Good value for money+Anti-dust mite
Reasons to avoid
-Not actually silk-Limited color options

Mass-produced silk is made from domesticated silkworms that live on farms and are fed mulberry leaves. Mela’s Silk pillowcase on the other hand is a vegan alternative, made from 100% Eucalyptus, sourced from regenerative forests in Europe. With this in mind, their vegan silk pillowcase is definitely the most sustainable and environmentally friendly on our list. It performed incredibly well too, meaning it's a good option to consider whether you specifically require a vegan alternative or not.

The Mela pillowcase was incredibly soft on the face, and the most cooling to touch of all the brands we tried, making it an absolute delight to sleep on during warmer nights. Our tester woke up with far less irritated skin than from standard cotton, so despite the fact that it isn't pure silk, it's a great option for those who want something gentler for their complexion.  

Given that it’s not actually pure silk, Mela rates highly on affordability too, with a pair of pillowcases costing just £39.99. While the color range is small, it would suit most rooms with its neutral tones. The pillowcases have a standard envelope opening which works well as the case isn’t overly slippery.

Laid Club silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Laid Club)

5. The Laid Club Hyaluronic-Infused Silk Set

Best silk pillowcase for wrinkles

RRP : £80
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colourways: White, Pink, Charcoal, Marble Ink
Size(s) : International Standard / Queen - 51 x 76cm
Thickness: 25 momme
Reasons to buy
+Very high quality+The only pillowcase infused with skincare+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid
-Few colors to choose from

Hyaluronic acid is the moisture-attracting skincare ingredient that has beauty editors in a frenzy. Known for holding 1000 times its weight in water, what could be a greater addition to a silk pillowcase than this hero ingredient? Well, that's where the Laid Club pillowcase comes in—they have infused all of their silk sleep sets with the product to help your skin retain moisture while you sleep. And while the addition of hyaluronic acid in the pillowcase doesn’t hold any scientific or clinical backing, it most definitely doesn’t do any harm.

The Laid Club silk pillowcase is a luxuriously high 25 momme thickness, which resulted in dewy skin and knot-free hair. Our tester's face was also noticeably less creased and puffy after awakening as well, so while we can't guarantee the hyaluronic acid worked its magic, it certainly felt beneficial.

This top-quality pillowcase offers a little extra too, as it comes with a sleep mask, was which was wonderfully comfortable to sleep on. It's also machine washable, which is handy. The very high price point might be an issue for some, however—it's one of the most expensive picks on our list. 

Celestial Silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Celestial Silk)

6. Celestial Silk Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase for amazing value-for-money

RRP: $39.99
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colorways: 19 colours including white, black, lavender and vintage pink
Size(s): Standard, Queen and King pillowcase sizes
Thickness: 25 momme
Reasons to buy
+Value for money+Excellent color range+Hair and skin looked brilliant the next day+Good as a gift
Reasons to avoid
-Skincare left stains on pillowcase

Celestial Silk is a slightly more unknown brand, but one that has been highly rated online. Their 25 momme pillowcase is one of the highest momme ratings we’ve seen, and it certainly translated into feel—the pillowcase was thick and luxurious to touch, unlike some thinner momme's on our list. The packaging also felt lovely and premium, so we reckon this would make for a great gift, too. 

At just under $40, the quality for the price point is exceptional. Their luxurious Mulberry silk didn’t tug or pull at the skin, and our hair was still glossy upon waking. Some skincare had stained the pillow, but it certainly hadn't been absorbed or wiped off by it, and sleeping on a darker color would probably avoid that issue. It also offered a comfortable sleep, without any slipping or squeaking.

Coming in a plethora of colors to cater to even the most style-conscious, their pillowcases also come zippered or with an envelope closure depending on your preference. We like that Celestial Silk offers the option, which is something not many other brands do.

So while it may not have the prestige of some of the larger brands, Celestial Silk is a fantastic option to help retain the moisture in your skin and hair at a fairly reasonable price point, offering perhaps the best value-for-money pillowcase of our entire list.

Face Case silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Face Case)

7. Face Case Silk Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase for skin overall

RRP : $50/£40
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colourways: White
Size(s): 50cm x 76cm Standard Pillowcase
Thickness: 22 momme
Reasons to buy
+High-quality silk+Skin was crease-free the next day+Comfortable to sleep on
Reasons to avoid
-Only one color-Some might not like the design

Ex-beauty director Zoë Foster Blake launched Go-To skincare in 2014, the brand has since spawned the Face Case silk pillowcase. And their expertise in creating the product has paid off—with them having tried and tested most beauty and wellness products on the market, their silk pillowcase kept our tester's hair shiny and frizz-free and didn’t absorb my skincare.

The irresistibly smooth pillowcase was very comfortable to sleep on and stayed put on the bed despite being incredibly silky. It struck the balance of having enough glide to not pull on the skin, without being a slip and slide for the head. Our tester's skin was also crease-free the next day, which was brilliant to see. Given this fact—and the high-quality silk—we'd bargain that this is one of the best silk pillowcase options if your primary concern is looking after your skin whilst you sleep.

In terms of design though, the options are limited. The pillowcase only comes in white and has “HI CUTE FACE” embroidered on one corner—which, although fun and playful—may not suit everyone’s taste.

Blissy silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Blissy)

8. Blissy Silk Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase for not absorbing your skincare

RRP: $79.95/£59
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colorways: Over 24 colours
Size(s): Standard, Queen & King pillowcase sizes
Thickness: 22 momme
Reasons to buy
+22 momme thickness+Huge range of colors+Zip closure meant we felt secure on this
Reasons to avoid
-Lighter colours are easily stained

This highly-coveted pillowcase is one of the most searched for on Google, and it's easy to see why. Available in three sizes, Blissy also offers the largest selection of colors of our entire guide—from neutral pinks, whites, and blacks, to fun, multi-colored tie-dye—meaning it's easy to find a silk pillowcase that you might like and will fit in with your home decor.

With a zip closure (rather than that standard pull-over cover on most cotton pillowcases), ensuring that the pillow didn't slip out, we felt secure sleeping on this pillow and there was little to no movement during the night, which was a big plus. This pillowcase left our tester's face smooth in the morning, and we really felt the skincare last on our face, which is why we'd say this is the best silk pillowcase for you if you want to ensure your skincare doesn't smear off during the night. One negative is that although it didn't absorb our skincare products, the pillowcase was easily stained with them—but, like the Celestial Silk pillowcase, we imagine this would be less obvious on a darker shade of silk.

Alaska bear pillow case in bedroom setting

(Image credit: Alaska Bear)

9. Alaska Bear Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase for a smooth feel on the face

RRP : $23.99
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Size(s): Standard size
Colorways: 30 colours from classic neutrals to teal, burgundy and gold
Thickness: 19 momme
Reasons to buy
+Smooth-satin feel on the hair and face+Affordable+Face felt moisturized the next morning
Reasons to avoid
-Mixed feedback on whether it is silk-Finish is not the best

Similar to Lulusilk, Alaska Bear is another brand that has rave reviews and a very low price point, in comparison to the other best silk pillowcases on our list. So, is their 19 momme pillowcase too good to be true? 

Unfortunately, there are some doubts about whether the product is actually 100% Mulberry Silk, with the material feeling more like a polyester blend. But despite this, Alaska Bear left our reviewer's skin and hair feeling more moisturized and shiny than an ordinary cotton pillow, so it was undoubtedly still a better option than our regular pillowcase.

Admittedly, the finish and quality of the pillowcase weren’t the best, as we noted a few frayed edges which detracted from any kind of premium feel. It also wasn’t the most comfortable night's sleep, as the pillowcase proved to be too shiny and slippery for us to stay in one place all night. 

Overall, the Alaska Bear is a good budget option for your skin and hair, but there are some drawbacks that mean we would only suggest this option if you can't justify the pricetags of the more expensive pillowcases on our list. 

Boucleme silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Boucleme)

10. Bouclème Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase for curly hair

RRP: £29
Material : 100% Mulberry Silk
Colourways : White, Grey
Size(s): 66 x 51 cm
Thickness: 22 momme
Reasons to buy
+Machine washable+Great for curly hair+Very affordable for 22 momme
Reasons to avoid
-Smaller than a standard pillow so didn’t fit perfectly

Bouclème is the award-winning British curly hair brand that has consistently been making waves in the industry. And their silk pillowcase is a fantastic addition to their range, given that curly hair is often the most delicate type, and has the potential to feel great benefits from a gentler pillowcase. 

At £29 (it's only available in the UK), their pillowcase offers incredible value for money given the high momme count and fantastic smoothness of the product. Unsurprisingly, our tester's curly hair looked the best after sleeping on this pillow, and her tresses didn’t feel stripped of the moisture it generally craves. Our tester's hair also felt super smooth after waking up, too. 

Our only gripe was that it didn’t properly fit a standard size pillow, which is an unfortunate drawback. After checking the online measurements, the Bouclème pillowcase is smaller than the most common pillow and therefore isn’t a perfect fit. However, this might be a compromise you are happy to make if you're searching for the best silk pillowcase for curly hair.

Sleep London silk pillowcase

(Image credit: Sleep London)

11. Sleep London Silk Pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase for acne or rosecea sufferers

RRP : £59.99
Material: 100% Mulberry Silk
Colourways: Champagne, pink and black
Size(s): 51cm x 66cm
Thickness: 22 momme
Reasons to buy
+Set comes with silk eye mask and hair scrunchie+Good quality silk +Very gentle and soothing on skin
Reasons to avoid
-Pillowcase is smaller than standard pillow size so not the best fit

A silk pillowcase itself is not a cure for any skin condition, but the materials your face comes into contact with can play a role in keeping the skin as comfortable as possible. This is where Sleep London's silk pillowcase shone. It was very cooling and smooth on the face, which means it would be a good option for those with easily aggravated skin, or acne, or rosacea sufferers.

The smooth texture of the pillowcase also meant that any movement while sleeping didn’t disturb our tester's skin or hair. Upon waking, it means that her hair took mere minutes to tend to, while her skin felt hydrated and plumped from the previous night's skincare.

Coming in just three colorways, the variety isn't huge, but the brand's simple but chic design looked good on the bed and it should suit most bedrooms. However, like Bouclème's pillowcase, the sizing is a little smaller than a standard-sized pillow, which was slightly inconvenient. It's something to bear in mind before buying, as understandably this could be an issue for some sleepers.

Do silk pillowcases really make a difference? 

Yes, silk pillowcases can be much better for your hair and skin (and sometimes, your sleep), than a cotton pillowcase. But it’s important to remember that they aren’t magic either. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can prevent creases and fine lines on the face, and can help to reduce hair breakage or bedhead. However, they also aren’t a replacement for a diligent skincare or haircare routine. Think of sleeping on a silk pillowcase as a nightly supplement—it can help to support your beauty routine far better than other pillowcases. 

Overall, silk pillowcases can't be thought of as a cure-all for any skin and hair problems, but they can be a great addition to your self-care and offer a lot more gentle support than any other pillowcases. And if you're wondering how to sleep better generally, see our guide to the simple changes you can make to improve your shut-eye.

How do you wash silk pillowcases? 

Silk pillowcases are best washed by hand or on a gentle machine wash, but the best way to wash your silk pillowcase is according to the specific care label. Given silk’s delicate texture, washing and drying it properly helps to extend its lifespan.

When hand-washing it is advised to use a very mild detergent to prevent any damage. It's also often advised to wash at a cool temperature when using the washing machine. Buying a silk pillowcase is a homeware and beauty investment, so washing it in the correct manner will be crucial to keep it in the best condition.

To maintain your silk pillowcases lifetime, it's also important to think about the pillow they sit on top of too. See our guide to how to wash pillows—as a fresh, cleaned, and properly taken care of silk pillowcase is nothing without a properly taken care of pillow.

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