Rhea Cartwright

Rhea Cartwright is a beauty editor and business strategy consultant who you’ll often find pursuing beauty halls while reading skincare ingredients lists. Having worked in the beauty industry in training and sales for nearly a decade, she turned to beauty journalism and hopes to always deliver an honest, trustworthy and no-nonsense voice.

For Rhea, beauty is never just about how something makes you look. It’s also about how we interact and feel about beauty. From deep-diving in the latest beauty tech to better-understanding wellness practices, her bylines are in Vogue, Net-A-Porter, Refinery29, The Zoe Report, Marie Claire. Although a London girl at heart, her writing has been featured in the US, India, France and Brazil.

Along with finding great products that deliver results, her favourite thing about the beauty industry is seeing brands create a community. For too long beauty standards have dictated what is deemed “acceptable” and she loves that modern consumers can find themselves in the marketing campaigns and feel truly seen.