The best duvets in 2024 for hotel luxury at home

We've rounded up the best duvets, testing top products from Simba, Silentnight, John Lewis, The White Company and more

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Picking one of the best duvets for your bed is crucial if you want a good night's sleep. After all, a duvet is key to keeping you warm and comfortable, whether you're heading back to school, hitting the hay after a long day at work, or just resting your weary head.

Duvets have evolved rapidly in recent years. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all duvets, instead, the duvet market has expanded to offer everything from luxe down to temperature regulation thanks to the tech behind the best cooling mattresses on the market, meaning there's the perfect duvet out there to match your unique requirements.

Our guide to the very best duvets covers all price points and also has options for those looking for hypoallergenic or eco-friendly picks. Working with a small budget? Don't be deterred. Our research includes some of the best duvets with smaller price tags, too. Once you've found your new duvet, pair with one of the best cooling pillows to feel pampered and well-regulated year-round. 

The quick list

Silentnight Hotel Collection duvet

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1. Silentnight Hotel Collection Duvet

Best overall duvet


RRP: From £28 for a double
Made from: 100% microfibre and 100% hollowfibre polyester
Sizes available: Single, double and king

Reasons to buy

Affordable price point compared to more luxurious brands like The White Company

Reasons to avoid

Smaller range of sizes than others
Not as luxurious as other options high-end options in this list

You really can't go wrong with Silentnight, whose bedding prowess has you covered with everything from mattresses to pillows. 

At 10.5 togs, it's the perfect weight for using throughout the year, whether you use it on its own in the summer or layer it up with blankets as the months get cooler. The duvet features a sleek embossed finish, which we thought looked great: it's almost too elegant to conceal under a duvet cover. (Hey—we said almost...)

We found the duvet really cosy and it was easy to clean: we just popped it in the washing machine and it came out good as new. Another bonus that we liked—as sensitive souls with itch-prone skin—is that the duvet is hypoallergenic. There was no itch-inducing rustling, either, and we found the duvet to be as silent as the name suggests. You can also get this one in other togs if you like a thicker duvet.

Best budget duvet

Slumberdown 15 tog duvet

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2. Slumberdown Chilly Nights 15 Tog Winter Duvet

Best budget duvet - ideal for students


RRP: From £22.50 for a double
Made from: Polyester, Microfiber
Available in: Single, double and king

Reasons to buy

Great for a quick winter upgrade

Reasons to avoid

Only really suitable for winter
Filling not great for "hot" sleepers

A 15 tog duvet available to buy at such a ludicrously low price is unheard of. Granted, the price shown above is for the double size but the king size clocks in at a purse-friendly price of £28.99

Ideal for using in the heart of winter, this cosy duvet is a solid pick for anyone keen to keep their heating costs low. Super snuggly with its soft-touch exterior, it's available in a trio of sizes that will suit any home, and can be easily machine-washed at 40C. However, due to its synthetic composition, we did find that things got a little sweaty—so if you're a hot sleeper, this is definitely one to avoid.

The real stand-out detail here is the price, so if you're looking for a super-cheap duvet that can be used in a guest bedroom then you could be on to a winner. A real bang-for-your-buck choice, it's also worth noting that Slumberdown offers the duvet in two parts if you opt for the All Seasons product. You'll receive a 10.5 tog and a 4.5 tog, which can be used separately throughout the cooler months of the year and then easily buttoned together in the winter to create a 15 tog.

Best luxury duvet

Bedfolk duvet

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3. Bedfolk The 100% Down Duvet

Best luxury duvet


RRP: From £204 for a double
Made from: 100% Egyptian cotton exterior and 100% European duck down filling
Available in : Single, double, king and super king

Reasons to buy

Responsibly sourced filling
NOMITE certified

Reasons to avoid

Pricey compared to duvets by brands like Silentnight and Slumberdown
Dry-clean only

The clue is very much in the name with Bedfolk's The 100% Down Duvet. Stuffed with 100% European white duck down, the duvet manages to feel both light yet incredibly cosy, all at the same time. It's like sleeping in a marshmallow! It's little surprise that the brand recommends dry-cleaning the duvet rather than machine washing it, to allow it to keep its volume. 

Despite that 100% down composition, you can feel confident that every single feather involved has been ethically sourced. Bedfolk state that their suppliers are members of EDFA (European Duck & Feather Association), meaning that the duvet's filling has been responsibly sourced and is traceable.

The duvet is delivered in a material bag that we thought would be ideal for storing it (or other bedding) in warmer months. All in all, yes, it's expensive. But its price feels fully justified, and it's a worthy winner of the "best luxury duvet" title.

Now, all you need is the softest sheets and the secrets behind how to make a bed like a hotel housekeeper to complete that luxury hotel feel at home.

Best non-natural duvet

The White Company duvet on a bed

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4. The White Company Deluxe Down Alternative Duvet - Warm

Best non-natural duvet


RRP: From £130
Made from: Cotton percale cover with 100% Smartdown filling
Available in: Single, double, king and super king

Reasons to buy

Innovative design
Five-year guarantee

Reasons to avoid

Expensive compared to similar products in this list
Dry-cleaning recommended

If you're looking for a duvet that doesn't rely on feathers or down for warmth yet also doesn't feel (or worse, sound!) synthetic, search no further. The White Company's innovative Down Alternative Duvet offers a truly unique bed cover that feels as if it should be filled with down or feathers, but in fact, is filled with something quite different. This eco-aware duvet is stuffed with Smartdown, a fine recycled fiber that's super-cosy, despite its non-natural properties.

The duvet does sit at one of the higher price points on our list, which might be frustrating if you're keen to make a non-feathered choice but simply don't have the budget to match. However, there are lots of reasons why it makes a solid investment. With The White Company synonymous with top quality, you can be confident it will last (it comes with a five-year guarantee). And despite the fact it's down-free, you really wouldn't notice it; we found it every bit as soft, snug and enveloping as its feather-filled equivalents. 

Overall, it's a great option for anyone who finds themselves irritated by natural materials, such as feathers. It's also easy to maintain: while The White Company recommends dry-cleaning it if possible, we found that a spin in the washing machine was more than adequate at freshening it up. 

Best eco friendly duvet

Simba Hybrid duvet with Stratos

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5. Simba Hybrid Duvet

Best eco-friendly duvet


RRP: From £119
Made from: Recycled PET bottles filling
Sizes available: Single, double, king and super king

Reasons to buy

Impressive eco credentials
Great for temperature control

Reasons to avoid

Expensive compared to other duvets on this list
Slight rustling sound when turning

Simba, the brand behind some of the best mattresses on the market at the moment, also have a clever duvet that boasts a range of impressive features, starting with some notable eco-credentials. The duvet's Renew filling is 100% constructed from recycled PET bottles, while the duvet's cotton is responsibly sourced. On top of that, the duvet is manufactured with energy from certified renewable sources, in an Eco factory. Phew.

Anyway—the really amazing thing about this duvet is the engineering that lies behind it. It features Stratos, an ingenious temperature regulation system that is inspired by the needs of astronauts in space. Capable of storing and releasing heat, it's ideal for keeping you cool on hot nights and toasty-warm on chilly ones. Homes writer Emily Smith, tested the duvet and was incredibly impressed about the temperature control element. 

"I really struggle with being too warm most nights, but since sleeping with this duvet I've found myself at a consistent comfortable temperature. It's made such a huge difference with my sleep quality and quantity," she says. "Not only has the cooling effect made a world of difference but the filling itself has a light yet firm feel to it, reminiscent of a hotel duvet which makes sleeping all that more luxurious!" 

Another added bonus? Despite its impressive features, this duvet can be easily bunged in the washing machine at 40C for an instant freshen-up. Emily says, "Being able to wash the duvet with ease has given me such peace of mind, I'm always spilling tea and coffee in bed which has been such a nightmare to clean in the past." 

If the higher price point of this product puts you off, consider checking out the current Simba sales and deals - the brand has a good track record of reducing the price of their duvets and best pillows throughout the year, offering prices that easily beat competitors.  

Emily smith person block image
Emily Smith

After completing her Masters in Magazine Journalism, Emily joined the Woman & Home team as a Digital News writer. She now covers everything lifestyle from home and interior trends to the latest cleaning hacks and celebrity gardening advice.  

Best alternative all-year duvet

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6. La Redoute Rêverie Nature 4 Seasons Duvet

Alternative all-year duvet


RRP: From £215
Made from: Organic cotton cover, recycled filling
Sizes available: Single, double, king and super king

Reasons to buy

Versatility throughout all weathers
Greenfirst® dust mite protection

Reasons to avoid

Not feathers
Looking for a budget solution

This duvet offers the best of both worlds for all year-round satisfaction, with an eco-friendly angle because unlike the all-year duvet above this design is made from an alternative filling. We favoured this duvet primarily due to the different weight options, with a 3-4.5 tog (175g/m²) duvet for the summer, and a 10.5 tog (300g/m²) duvet for in-between seasons. You tie the two different duvets together to form a combined weight of 13.5 tog to act as a heavier winter duvet. 

It feels cosy and weighted when you have the combined tog weight which means you don't have to have additional blankets in the height of winter but likewise the light duvet is ideal for even the hottest of summer nights when you are beside yourself searching how to cool a room down without AC. The versatility makes this duvet a worthwhile investment, and a comfortable one at that. 

The eco-friendly design features a fully recycled filling, made up of siliconised polyester obtained mainly from recycled bottles treated with Greenfirst® dust mite protection – an innovative technology that uses the active substance geraniol, extracted from a plant called Palmarosa to fight against various parasites such as mites.

The 100% organic cotton cover and the anti-mite quality gives peace of mind that it won't be allergies keep you awake at night. The duvet cover is a hexagonal design with a double-stitched reinforcement that feels full and comforting to the touch, even when covered with a duvet cover. All components are machine washable at 40-degrees which is handy, to ensure freshness for every season. Comes in a 

How we tested the best duvets

Homes and interiors shopping expert Katie Byrne tested all of the duvets in this guide, and more, in her own home over the course of a few nights. The factors she considered when testing and assessing each duvet were as follows:

  • Seasonality: Is the duvet season-specific or is it adaptable?
  • Performance: How did the duvet perform when tested over a few nights? Was it comfortable and did it live up to the claims made on the packaging? 
  • Stand-out qualities: Does the duvet feature eco credentials or impressive technology?
  • Care: Is the duvet straightforward to look after and clean?
  • Value for money: All things considered, does the product justify the price tag?

Additional factors we considered included packaging, as well as the range of colors and sizes the product is available in. The prices shown throughout our guide are starting prices, typically for a single-sized duvet, and were correct at the time of publishing. 


What should you consider before buying a duvet?

There are a range of factors that are worth considering before you splash out on a new duvet for your bed, advises Rob Davey, sleep expert at Snoozel Green. These include:

  • Do you sleep hot or cold? "If you're a hot sleeper, you'll probably want to get yourself a duvet that is less insulating and will keep you cooler," says Davey. "Conversely, a cold sleeper will want a thicker duvet with denser fillings to help keep them snug. The standard measure for this is togs, which is an industry-standard measure of a duvet's ability to retain heat and ranges from one to 15. If you are a hot sleeper, we would suggest a duvet with a tog of around 10 and a cold sleeper should aim for a 12 plus tog duvet."
  • Which season are you buying for? Whether you're buying in advance or looking for a great new duvet to start using ASAP, be mindful of the time of year you'll be using it in. "For regular sleepers, a 10.5 tog duvet should be good for all-year-round," says Davey. "Some people prefer to change their duvet set-up as the seasons change. If this sounds like you, look for duvets that have the option to separate into two parts, meaning you can have a cooler 10 tog duvet in the summer, with the option to attach the additional duvet layer for the winter to convert it into a 13 tog."
  • What materials are involved? A range of materials are currently used in the creation of duvets, with everything from natural down or polyester to organic cotton and recycled material. These can be used for both the exterior of the duvet as well as its filling. "Once you've decided on the tog of the duvet, you'll have a selection of different materials and fillings to choose from," Davey explains. "We would always recommend looking out for the most natural options, so opt for cruelty-free feathers and down, or sheep wool, encased in organic cotton, where possible."

What is the best duvet filling?

There most common duvet fillings available are down, wool and feathers, but options also vary from natural to synthetic. 

Davey recommends choosing natural fibers for your duvet filling, if you can. "If you can find organic certified materials, that's great," he adds. "Look out for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) logo, which ensures the materials are organic, and that the whole supply chain has been audited."

How should you look after a duvet?

There are a few simple tricks you can use to ensure your duvet stays in top condition once it's home. To start, invest in the best bed sheets, as this can help to protect it. 

"This will also allow it to breath, and keep the fibers aerated and mold-free," says Davey. "Natural fibre sheets, such as cotton and bamboo, are great options."

Ensuring the duvet is kept dry is also crucial. Clean up any spillages ASAP, and make sure your bedroom is damp-free and warm to promote a dry atmosphere within the duvet, rather than one that encourages the growth of mould and bacteria.

Davey also recommends washing your duvet approximately every two to three months, advising that the manufacturer's instructions are followed to the letter and that the duvet is entirely dry before it's put back on the bed. 

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