6 SPF sprays that will keep your scalp protected from the sun this summer

Jetting off this summer? These are the scalp-loving SPF sprays to invest in before your next trip away...

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Sunscreens are essential when it comes to packing for your upcoming holiday or staycation, and we’ve found the underrated, fuss-free answer to keeping your scalp protected from the sun’s UV rays - and we’re stocking up for the summer…

We all know how important it is to ensure we’re applying SPF in our daily routine, whether you’re trying to find the best foundation with SPF or on the hunt for the best facial sunscreen. For most beauty experts, a good quality SPF sits at the top of their skincare priority list. But, the scalp is the one delicate area that tends to get cast to the side and forgotten about - until you’re suffering with a sunburnt scalp, of course. So, if you’re not willing to stay in the shade all day or slather a greasy sunscreen onto your roots, what’s the answer?

Well, alike our Beauty Editor's non-obvious travel beauty essentials, you may not have even heard of them before, but SPF sprays are the handiest product you can carry in your handbag - both in summer and all year round. Leaving a non-greasy finish, these easy-to-apply, mess-free mists offer sun protection specifically for your scalp, so you can say goodbye to sore and flaky sunburn.


From lightweight and non-greasy mists to ultra-fine invisible veils, we've put together six scalp-protecting SPF sprays worth adding into your holiday beauty bag...

Why SPF scalp sprays are an essential in your beach bag

Tending to occur in areas where the hair is thin or has been parted, sunburnt scalps can cause an array of unwanted symptoms, from redness and itchiness to flakiness and painful to touch areas. With many not wanting to put a typical greasy sunscreen directly onto the roots of your hair, scalp SPFs make a great lightweight addition to your toiletries pouch.

Dr Kari Williams, Trichologist and Director of Education for Cécred explains: "UV exposure can cause the scalp to become dry and irritated. Protecting the scalp from the sun helps prevent sunburn, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and minimises damage to hair follicles that can lead to thinning hair because the UV rays from the sun weaken the protein structure of hair."

Anabel Kingsley, Brand President and Consultant Trichologist at Philip Kingsley adds: "Our scalps are skin, just like everywhere else on the body, but we often forget to treat them as such. Just like with our skincare it is important to use products to protect against the drying and damaging effects of the sun, sea, wind and chlorine by using products that protect and restore against these factors."

That’s all without mentioning the damaging effects UV rays can have on the rest of your locks, Dr Williams also explains: "It can degrade the hair's protein structure (keratin), leading to weakened, brittle hair that is prone to breakage and split ends. UV rays can also fade hair colour, both natural and dyed, reducing the vibrancy and altering the hair's aesthetic."

How to protect your scalp from the sun

When it comes to protecting your scalp from the sun's UV rays, Dr Williams advises: "Use hair care products that contain UV protectants, are rich in antioxidants or sunscreens formulated for the scalp. Limit exposure to direct sunlight, especially during midday when UV radiation is strongest."

Anabel Kingsley recommends: "Wearing a hat is ideal, or using an SPF cream on the scalp too, however if this is not possible then it is important to use protective products."

Adding a generous spritz of SPF spray to your morning routine before heading out the door means you can go about your day knowing that your scalp is protected from the sun. Whether you’re lounging by the poolside, having a beach day or out and about sightseeing, it’s important to make sure that you keep reapplying the product throughout the day - especially if you’re in and out of the water - to prevent it from losing its effectiveness.

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