The £3 hair mask you need to try if your roots are already bothering you

Chances are we might not be able to return to our hairdressers for another few weeks – but what do you do when your darker roots start to make a not-so-glamorous appearance?

As well as our mental and physical health, lockdown is also having a big impact on many women’s (and men) beauty routines – from how our skin is reacting to isolation, to the impact of other beauty mistakes you might be making as you spend more time inside.

And while obviously not essential, doing little things for ourselves as a form of self-care can make a massive impact on how we feel, and consequently distract us and help us deal with the current situation.

One of the beauty areas most affected by the lockdown is likely to be your hair, especially if you regularly dye it. While you can postpone a cut for a little while, roots are unforgiving.

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Of course you have the option to dye it at home just like Holly Willoughby - but it could end in a colouring disaster.

So while you can’t get to the salon, there’s a hair mask that’s definitely worth a try – and it’s only £3.

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Considered a lifesaver for blonde, highlighted or greying hair, L'Oreal's purple shampoo and conditioner already sell one every minute – and this nourishing mask is from that same range beauty lovers can’t stop raving about.

SHOP NOW: L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Mask 250ml, £6 from Boots, or £2.97 from Superdrug

Currently available at Boots and Superdrug, this L’Oreal mask combines an ultra rich texture for deep nourishment, with a highly pigmented formula for strong anti-brassiness correction – which can help blend in colour so that regrowth is not as obvious.

Not a perfect solution, but this product could definitely be a precious ally until we’re reunited with our hairdressers…

Mariana Cerqueira

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