Viola Davis' beauty routine is the perfect form of self-care

Her skin is always on point

Viola Davis joins L’Oréal Paris to celebrate the launch of Age Perfect Cosmetics on March 03, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California.
(Image credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for L'Oréal Paris)

This past year had us spending a lot of time indoors, but while we may have been going stir crazy, it also allowed us to take advantage of any extra free time. Viola Davis sure put her time to good use, using the time to focus on her beauty routine.

Instead of filming a movie in Toronto, Viola's plans were quickly halted when the COVID-19 pandemic put film and television production to an unprecedented halt. But like so many of is, spending more time at home gave her a space to reflect and focus on herself.

"This time has been about refocusing on all of the things that are important to me," Viola told Refinery29. "I've had all this time to focus on really taking in my daughter, being present and not being so busy, appreciate life and health, and really using my home for the first time."

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Self-care, especially during these times, is so important, and Viola shared how she used her beauty routine to help her find peace.

"I cleanse in the shower with Revitalift cleanser; I'm big on doing that for 30 seconds straight," she said. "I follow up with the Age Perfect Midnight Serum, which I love - and so does my husband."

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On top of focusing on her skin, she also began incorporating "spa days" into her routine with Epsom salt baths and has also added meditation and cooking to her daily routine.

"I started using the Calm app, and it drowns a lot of the noise in my head," she continued. "What I'm left with when I open my eyes are my husband, my child, my mom, and my siblings. They become the best affirmation and reminder of what's important."

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