Award-winning sleep spray launches new ‘love’ scent for couples

A lovely Valentine's Day addition...
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  • Sleep sprays and essential oils have become must-haves for a bit of bedtime relaxation.

    With busy schedules and constant screens in our faces, it’s always nice to take a few minutes of me-time and relax with some breathing exercises and a spritz of something calming.

    And when it comes to calming sleep mists there is one that always tops the bestseller lists and that is This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray.

    The Lavender, Vetiver and Wild Chamomile spritz has been showered with a constant stream of five-star reviews for its ability to calm users into a deep and restful sleep and leave them waking up fully rested.

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    And now the brand has launched a brand new scent, which works especially for couples – perfect for a lovely, relaxed Valentine’s Day evening.

    The Love Sleep pillow spray is infused with a relaxing blend of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, ingredients that the brand claims are proven to activate the areas of the brain associated with relaxation and pleasure.

    And while the product has only just hit shelves, it seems to already be proving popular with customers.

    this works launches love sleep pillow spray

    Credit: This Works

    This really works!’ raved one Boots shopper. ‘I’ve been a big fan of This Works for a while, and their Sleep Plus spray has been a staple on my bedside table for the longest time so naturally I was so excited for a new spray to spruce it up a little.

    ‘Firstly, the bottle is smaller, but it’s now glass, and feels much more luxe than before,’ explained the shopper. ‘I hope they bring out the rest of the range like this!

    ‘Next up – smell,’ continued the fan. ‘I’m a big fan of the lavender, but this spray has different notes, and actually I think it’s nicer, and much more calming. (though it still has the lavender to help you sleep through the night)

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    this works Love Sleep Pillow Spray

    This pillow spray will inspire you to put down the smartphone and reconnect with your loved one, paving the way to better sleep.

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    Results? I can suffer from anxiety quite badly, and this spray really helped me relax, and let my worries fade away. Both my partner and I felt more connected, and spent more time with each other, rather than our phones, and most importantly, I slept like a log!

    ‘All in all, I really do love this new offering, and would definitely recommend to anyone!’.

    Maybe a good addition to a romantic Valentine’s evening…

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