This new first-of-its-kind facial tool combines Gua Sha and Jade Rolling to revitalize skin

Self-care is calling

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Most of us have heard of Jade rolling and Gua Sha, but imagine if you could combine the natural benefits of the two. Well, lifestyle and wellness brand Remix Lifestyle just released its latest wand tool, which aims to incorporate both practices.

Self-care has become more than just a hobby over the past year. It's a way for most of us to decompress after a long day. Using facial rollers benefits not only our skin by helping products like our best eye cream penetrate deeper, but it can even help elevate stress. 

Remix by Giselle Wasfie combines the natural benefits of Jade rolling with the benefits of Gua Sha so that you can get double the skincare benefits. It was also designed by the founder and doctor of East Asian medicine, Giselle Wasfie, so you know it's expert-approved.

If you deal with issues like headaches, stress, anxiety, TMJ muscle tension, period problems, and bloating this wand tool will aim to help alleviate those by targeting those pressure points. 

To help promote relaxation and ease tension, the wand tool was designed with crocodile (kambaba) jasper, which is considered a protective stone of tranquility to help bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

What is Jade rolling?

Techniques like double cleansing have become popular recently, but Jade rolling is a basic technique that has been around forever. It's said to help sculpt, tone, and firm skin to boost circulation, enhance glow, reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines, improve elasticity, and help skincare products penetrate deeper. Simply apply light pressure and perform outward and upward motions on your face and chest for up to four minutes.

What is Gua Sha?

This is another facial tool that is said to be used along your face to help reduce the look of bloating and puffiness. A lot of people tend to use this tool to sculpt their cheekbones for a more defined look though. Using a little bit of pressure, you can use short or long strokes in an upward motion on the desired area of your face. Like the Jade roller, you also use this for a few minutes a day to help see faster results.

Re: Wand Face Tool, $80

Re: Wand Face Tool, $80

Destress after a long day with the Re: Wand Face Tool. Using the combined powers of Jade rolling and Gua Sha, you can sculpt and smooth away any tension from the day.

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