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With the end of quarantine finally upon us, it’s time to let down our hair and step outside to enjoy the warmer weather.

It’s not uncommon for people to notice a change in their appearance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While stress can silently impact our health and wellness, it can also show up in physical ways. For some, the stress of the past year may have had some physical effects, including hair loss. For those looking to add volume to your hair, beauty shoppers have got you covered.

Bondi Boost’s Hair Growth Shampoo has ‘saved’ a lot of shoppers’ hair for both long and short hairstyles. Over 5,000 shoppers are praising the effects of this shampoo, labeling it the cure they’ve needed for their hair loss.

Many of us may be looking to get back our youthful hairstyles now that we’re older, and this shampoo will at least help revive any missing volume.

Using the power of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this shampoo was formulated to help revitalize your hair’s shaft, while its gentle cleansers help clear away scalp build-up. It also has a soothing peppermint scent. 

The Australian brand uses rosemary oil, saw palmetto, and horsetail extract to help target and transform hair.  Using the all-natural and chemical formula helps strengthen hair follicles and stimulate circulation throughout the scalp to promote hair growth.

The brand recommends using this at least three times a week for the best results. Simply massage a small amount of the product into wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

Ulta reviewers are obsessed with the results, noticing an immediate difference.

“I’m so happy I decided to give this a try!” praised one reviewer. “After COVID my hair would fall out in clumps! I couldn’t wash or brush my hair without my hair falling out so much! My hair would break so easily. I’ve been using this for a little over two weeks and I’m not even washing my hair every day and I’ve already noticed a dramatic difference! I don’t even know where to begin! My hair doesn’t fall out anymore.”

Another reviewer had the same results and also found a decrease in hair loss after regular use.

“I never thought I'd find something that could help with my hair fall after COVID,” one shopper wrote. “I’ve noticed a massive decrease in hair fall and the growth of my hair has definitely improved.”

We've earned some time to destress after the long year we have just been through. So, add this to your shower routine, treat yourself to a DIY blowout using the best hair dryer, and get ready to enjoy some drinks at a pub or enjoy an iced coffee at your favorite cafe. 

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo, $23.95

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo, $23.95

Rejuvenate your hair with a shampoo that will replenish roots and stimulate hair growth. Formulated with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, this shampoo features a vegan, paraben-free formula to help nourish hair.

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