This French hairstyling hack is back in for 2024 according to TikTok, and all you need to achieve it is a £6 pin

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Have unruly locks to tame? This classic French hairstyling hack is making big waves on TikTok, and all you need to achieve it is a hair pin. 

We finally have a list of which outdated hairstyles to ditch for 2024 - and before the trend forecast for 2024 hairstyles comes in, we don't know what to do with our unruly locks. Seriously, we're about three days away from cutting our own bangs. 

Ideally, with a busy schedule, we want something fairly low maintenance that will keep our hair looking fresh and chic before our next haircut. While many turn to claw clips to put their hair up on an off day, some have been attuned to a not-so-new style that's been trending on TikTok recently - the timeless French twist. 


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While you may think of this classic French hairstyling hack as a bit old-fashioned, it seems to be coming back with a full force, especially as far as TikTok is concerned. 

Why? The easy hairstyle takes just under 5 minutes to reproduce and all you need to achieve it is a simple hair clip that will only set you back £10 at most

There are many iterations of this classic hairstyle. You could opt for the traditional, vertical styling technique, in which your hair pin is completely hidden - but we love this easier method we recently found on TikTok. 

TikTok user @lexiluallen showed an even easier way to put your hair pin to good use. Simply take your hair and twist it up into a bun style - but instead of fastening the bun with an elastic, take your hair pin and slide it in vertically through the bun, and then downward, ensuring you grab all of the hair (as she displays in the video above).

And voila - in less than 5 minutes, you have an easy, no-fuss, and chic hairstyle.

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Although you may typically only see a French twist sported for a luxe event (i.e., Reese Witherspoon at a Tiffany's gala or Kate Winslet on the Oscar's red carpet), this super simple style might just be taking the place of the claw clip for 2023. 

This is a public service announcement - get your French twist clips *now* before they completely sell out. 

What's so great about a French twist is that it instantly elevates any outfit - no matter if you're wearing a luxe couture gown or an aiport-chic sweatsuit, a French twist is the perfect hairstyle that evokes 'I have my sh-t together' energy.

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