This Nivea moisturiser sells every 20 seconds in the UK – and it’s only £4

A must-have for the winter months.

nivea moisturiser sells every 20 seconds
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If there’s one market that seems oversaturated with choice, it’s the skincare market.

There seems to always be a hundred options for products for our skincare routine where we only need one - and making the choice between those options can be overwhelming.

Which one works better than the other? Which is worth the money? Which will work for you skin type? Which products should we not mix together? And most important, how on earth do you decide?

Well, as much as we’d like to just go for the prettiest bottle and hope that that will do some good to our skin (and we’re sure we’ve all made the fatal error before – hello breakouts), the best way to weigh up your options is often to go on recommendations.

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Now that’s obviously not to say that a product that works well on your coworker’s skin will do wonders for your own – after all even those with who we share the most DNA can have a dramatically different complexion to our own.

But if there’s a product that comes with thousands of rave reviews or consistently manages to fly off the shelves then we’re pretty sure it’s worth giving a try.

And that’s where Nivea comes in.

nivea moisturiser sells every 20 seconds

SHOP NOW: Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream, £4.10, Boots

Their range of days creams is so popular that new figures have revealed that the brand manages to sell one tube every 20 seconds across the UK. That adds up to a whopping 4,320 tubes sold every 24 hours.

And we can see why.

nivea moisturiser sells every 20 seconds

SHOP NOW: Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream, £4.09, Boots

Because with this day cream line, gone are the days of the product confusion – they are all easily labelled with exactly what to use for your skin type.

The simple range offers four different options: Refreshing Day Cream for normal skin, Nourishing Day Cream for dry and sensitive skin, Mattifying Day Cream for oily and combination skin and Tinted Day Cream for those who want a little bit of colour with their moisturiser.

nivea moisturiser sells every 20 seconds

SHOP NOW: Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream, £4.10, Boots

Each cream also contains SPF 15 to leave your skin with a little bit of sun protection even throughout the winter months, because, although the wind, rain and dark days might fool you, the sun is still hiding behind those clouds and can easily get to your skin.

All four products come in at around £4 and right now at Boots are even included in a three for two offer if you want to stock up.

nivea moisturiser sells every 20 seconds

SHOP NOW: Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream, £3.99, Boots

We're loving the comforting shea butter of the nourishing cream in this cold weather.

With the winter chill hitting in we might grab a couple of bottles stat.

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