Jennifer Garner's secret to reducing fine lines is this plumping moisturiser – and it's less than £10 today

It's one of our beauty editor's top-rated products too

Jennifer Garner
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We're big fans of Jennifer Garner here at woman&home. Despite being a Hollywood A-lister, she comes across as being really down to earth in her social posts, and, well, she looks amazing. So any beauty recommendation she has, we're keen to know about. 

Finding the best face moisturiser is not only the key to beautiful skin and lasting hydration, but also smooth makeup application. Thankfully, Jennifer's envy-worthy complexion doesn't cost a fortune – her favourite moisturiser Neutrogena Hydro Boost is currently on sale for less than £10.

She has previously praised the Neutrogena's formula for filling in her micro-wrinkles in an instant, with a real visible difference. If that wasn't enough, the water gel formula is also perfect for cooling the skin in the summer months with lasting hydration. 

In an interview with InStyle, Jennifer said that the Hydro Boost moisturiser makes her skin look "fresh and plump and better" overall, but it is particularly helpful for lines. "There are all these little micro-lines [on my face] that once I put this on, they go away."

Although things like the best retinol creams can help with fine lines, those with sensitive or very dry skin will find that a gel moisturiser will agree with their skin much better. Plus, our team can attest to the powers of this simple yet effective product.

"This is actually one of my favourite moisturisers too," says our beauty editor Aleesha Badkar. "I love the low price point for such a quality product - it means that I don't feel guilty about using too much of it because it's so easy to stock up on!

"The lightweight and very refreshing texture makes this a go-to for me during the warmer months of the year. It quenches skin without feeling too heavy and doesn't leave any kind of sheen over the top. It also sinks into skin really nicely and it layers beautifully with other products - whether that be a light serum underneath or one of the best facial sunscreens over the top."

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