Honey lips are TikTok's newest delicious beauty trend - how to get the warm, sultry lip shade for autumn

Honey lips are the luscious lip trend you'll want to try this autumn

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Here's how to get honey lips - TikTok's newest beauty trend that promises warm-toned, juicy lips for autumn. 

TikTok has introduced us to all kinds of savvy beauty hacks and viral products - for example, taming your flyaway hairs with dental floss, or the face lift concealer hack (both of which are effective, in our humble opinion). With all of the hacks constantly getting churned out on the internet, it can feel sort of exhausting to keep up with them all - but when a trend as good as the 'honey lips' beauty trick comes along, we simply can't pass it up. 

Luckily, the honey lips trend can be easily achieved with products you likely already own. All you need to get these warm, glowy lips are a neutral gold eyeshadow, a lip liner, and your favourite clear gloss. 


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We know, the idea of putting gold eyeshadow on your lips sounds slightly unhinged and sort of gross, but this trend doesn't call for a lot of product on that front. Plus, once you see the end result, you'll only be further convinced that this just might be the best lipstick hack of all time.

How to get honey lips

To get the trending 'honey lips', start with any typical lip maintenance you might do on a daily basis, like doing a quick lip exfoliant or putting on your favourite lip balm.

From there, simply start by dusting a very light coat of your favourite gold eyeshadow in the centre region of your lips - and be careful to not overdo it. Then, line your lips with a liner that's a similar colour to the natural shade of your lips, and finish with your favourite clear gloss. Yes, it's that easy. 

Obviously, this can be modified to fit your individual preference (perhaps you want to have a darker shade of lip liner, or a certain fluorescent shade of gold), but the goal is ultimately to get your lips looking glowy and warm. 

People on TikTok have likened this method to a "sunset for your lips" - so if you're going for a sultry, yet glowing lip shade, all you really need is a slight layer of gold eyeshadow on the lips. 

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