Hairdressers told not to offer ‘long treatments’ like highlights and braids as salons prepare to reopen

Hairdressers have been advised to try and minimise appointment times

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Hairdressers have been told to consider sticking to “shorter and basic” treatments and to avoid longer, more complex ones as they prepare to reopen on 12th April. 

Throughout the recent lockdowns, people across the UK have been turning their hand to hairdressing – with some decidedly mixed results. Even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge revealed she’s been forced to try out her hairdressing skills, much to the “horror” of her children. With the recent announcement of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, the ultimate question on many people’s minds has been of course when will hairdressers open again in 2021?

Some of us might even be wondering about short hairstyles or getting the best bob hairstyles, or looking at the best hair dryer to get a stunning blow-dry at home. Spring is well and truly here and people are ready for a change. 

But it seems we might have to wait a little longer before we’re able to get the full hair transformation of our dreams. 

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As reported by The Sun, the government guidelines state that both hair and beauty salons “should consider providing shorter, more basic treatments to keep the time to a minimum.”

It’s believed that this could include highlights, braids or deep conditioning treatments, where customers would ordinarily spend a lot of time in the salon. 

The guidelines go on to add that when doing longer procedures, such as braiding or massages, salons should “consider how the length of the appointment could be minimised.”

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Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports that Judith Cummins, the Labour MP who co-chairs Parliament’s group on beauty, aesthetics, and wellbeing, described the rules as indicating a “slapdash approach” and called for more clarity.

“It's very difficult to make a living if you're given guidance that is very woolly and very unclear,” she continued. “What's a short appointment, and what's the medium appointment, and what's a long appointment? I've got no idea, and I doubt whether the Government has any idea either.”

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During the UK’s lockdowns, hairdressing and beauty salons were among those businesses that had to remain closed.

However, the prospect of being able to visit a hairdresser again from 12th April – regardless of the shorter treatment length – will no doubt be an exciting one for many.

Have you booked your first haircut since lockdown yet?

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