Sales for this £12 body lotion have soared and shoppers can’t stop raving about it

cerave sa smoothing cream sales soar
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Now that the clocks have gone back it feels like we’re in full winter mode.

And the autumnal weather seems to be in total agreement with its sudden crisp chill and biting breeze.

And just it does every year, our skin has started to display the full effects of the outdoor conditions.

Tight skin, dry patches and sore cracks plague us all when the winter chill sets in, so every October sees us lapping up anything that promises to soothe and hydrate our poor skin.

And it’s not just our faces that need that extra bit of TLC.

Parched wrinkles on our hands and itchy patches all over our arms are just a couple of the giveaways when we neglect our body in the bitter winter months.

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So it’s no surprise that there’s one moisturiser that has shot up in popularity in the last month.

With most people in the northern hemisphere scrambling for anything to cure the onset of dry skin at this time of year, cult brand CeraVe has been flying off the (online) shelves.

And one product in particular that has been winning over customers is the retailer’s SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin.

The relatively new product, which here in the UK is sold as SA Smoothing Cream for Dry, Rough, Bumpy Skin, uses Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid to exfoliate away dead skin cells leading to softer skin, while ceramides strengthen the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture to stop dryness and flakiness.

cerave sa smoothing cream sales soar

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The formula is said to help with body acne and keratosis pilaris (the small rough-feeling bumps usually on your upper arms or thighs) and is even said to ease eczema and psoriasis.

Recent reports even revealed that on Amazon US website the lotion jumped up 10,000 per cent on the shopping hub’s Movers & Shakers list.

And it’s been met with nearly 1000 five-star reviews from astounded customers.

‘AMAZING LOTION!!!!’ wrote one fan. ‘It is seriously the best lotion I have ever used! I have horrible dry elbows/cracking feet and this lotion has all but cured it!

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‘My elbows dont snag my shirt and they dont hurt anymore! My feet are so smooth and not cracking anymore, and I’ve only ised it twice! I am so thankful I found this, please give it a try... you honestly wont regret it!’.

‘Its doing wonders!’ added another.

‘I have deep, horrible cystic acne as well as terrible skin texture.’

‘I’ve used it for five days and while it isn’t really helping the cystic acne, it is absolutely improving my skin texture after the first use. I have noticeably fewer bumps, and my face feels calmer and looks less irritated. I use it once a day at night, and use sun protection in the morning. Would recommend!’.

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