Celeb color specialist shares the secret to covering those dull, brassy hair tones caused by the sun

Limoz Logli's treatment is easy and highly effective

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Color specialist Limoz Logli reveals how to get rid of dull, brassy tones in your hair caused by the sun, and it's actually way easier than you'd expect. 

You might notice, especially as summer months progress, that your hair becomes duller, drier, or even slightly brassy - and if you've felt this way, you're not alone. In fact, many people who have hair highlights or generally color their hair have to simply accept the fact that their hair becomes more susceptible to breakage and dullness because of the chemicals present in the products - and even, sometimes, in the water. 

Sure, you can use purple shampoo, and other products at home to reduce some brassiness - but is that enough?

If you experience an irritating amount of breakage, dullness, or brassiness in the summer, however, color specialist Limoz Logli has revealed his effective, streamlined way to reverse the damage, getting your hair back to its original and healthy state.

If you haven't heard about the newest buzzy hair treatment yet, allow us to introduce you to the Metal Detox. 

According to London salon Limoz Logli, there is a huge factor as to why your colored hair is getting dull and brassy - and it has to do with chemicals present in the water. 

"If your hair is colored or lightened it becomes porous and attracts the chemicals in the water even more than normal hair. The copper builds up on porous hair and creates brassy, warm tones," Limoz Logli told woman&home. 

Luckily though, his salon has developed a three-part system that detoxes your hair from these harsh metals, and can even prevent further damage in the future - especially helpful for those light-haired folks who want to restore their hair back to its clean and fresh blonde

"Metal Detox is a 3-step program that protects, detoxifies, and prevents metal build-up on your hair," the release states. 

The treatment begins with a deeply detoxifying shampoo, followed by a scalp massage that helps the "the product to penetrate and stimulate hair follicles to encourage hair growth."

Then, gentle heat is applied to the hair to activate the treatment, which is followed by a nourishing steam treatment that will soothe the follicles. 

The treatment itself, according to the release, has been wildly successful with clients - in fact, 97% of clients saw less breakage in just one treatment.

Metal detoxes for the hair also help the color last for up to 8 weeks, and help make the hair feel and look more healthy, shiny, and clean overall. 

Since copper particles found in water are removed from the hair during this treatment, it also removes any brassy tones for those blonde-haired people out there. Limoz Logli says that the hair fibers are "detoxified for intact color vibrancy with intense shine" when a metal detox is applied to the hair. 

Metal detoxes can cost usually around $150-$250.

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