On Sale Now - The Anti-Ageing Avon ANEW Cream That Had Over 30,000 People On The Waiting List


When a night cream has a 30,000 strong waiting list before it's even been launched, that's a pretty good indication that something exciting is on its way to the beauty industry...

The product in question is the Avon ANEWReversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream, and it went on sale yesterday at a discounted price! You can now pick it up for just £25 instead of £28.

Have you experienced the frustrating scenario where you finally find a cream that works wonders on your skin, but a few months down the line, your glow begins to fade as it becomes used to the product?

According to an Avon survey of 606 women, 50 per cent believed that your skin can build up a resistance to anti-ageing products. Following an extensive year-long study, Avon found that there was some truth in this.

Avon ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream,Credit: Avon

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This was the reason behind developing theANEWReversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream, branded as the world's first rotational anti-ageing night cream.

The Avon ANEWReversalist two-step night cream usually retails at £28 and works on the premise of a beauty routine using two different, but complimentary, products. You swap between two creams every seven days and this prevents your skin from adapting, and the product's effects dwindling. Some are calling it a '5:2 diet' for the skin, as it works on the same principle that your body, or in this case, skin, will 'plateau' unless you keep it guessing

Avon explained: "By switching back and forth between these two creams every seven days your skin will reap the superior benefits of the anti-ageing Super Retinol Complex. It's the continuation of the rotational technology that helps provide continuous results that do not stall even over a full year."

The first cream works to replenish and moisturise your skin, so that it is then ready for the Super Retinol Complex in stage two.

The results of theAvon ANEWReversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream,

Credit: Avon

It is the super anti-ageing ingredient retinol that really makes this cream work. Avon explains, "By binding to your skin's surface, the Super Retinol Complex has the ability to dramatically improve the look of tone, clarity and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots."

Anthony Gonzalez, Avon's director of research and development, says, "Avon was first to market with stabilised retinol and AHAs. We have a 25+ year history of disruptive innovation."

He adds, "ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream represents the next game changing innovation from Avon that can boast anti-ageing results that intensify month after month and do not stall, with results that are proven by a one year clinical study."

If you weren't on the waiting list but still want to invest you can buy the creamhere.

We have to admit, we are a little tempted, are you?

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