15 of the best autumn fragrances to make you feel warm and cosy all season long

These autumn fragrances smell so good, you might just want to wear them all year round.

a collage of three of our favourite autumn fragrances including Avon, Burberry and Lilanur
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If you subscribe to the notion of seasonal scents, then autumn fragrance marks a shift towards richer, sultrier blends, peppered with creamy, spicy, smoky and gourmand elements. One spritz of these autumn aromas will evoke the quintessential cosiness of the season, like being swaddled in a chunky knit blanket. Mmm. 

There are, generally speaking, two types of people: those who cling to summer, mourning the end of Aperol sundowners and long sunny weekends by wearing flip-flops well into boot season. And then there are those who practically vibrate at the prospect of sweater weather, pumpkin-spiced lattes and cosy evenings spent watching The Holiday (it’s never too early IMO!). One look at our team's bulging coat cupboards will tell you we're 'Team Autumn', but even those forever-summer babes must yield to the universal urge to ditch their best fruity perfume and other such scents for summer in favour of something a little deeper and sultrier as the clocks go back. “Christian Dior once famously said that, ‘Fragrance is the ultimate fashion accessory; you are never truly dressed without a fragrance,’” says Carl Groenewald, Dior Parfums UK Ambassador. “As we change the clothes we wear, we too can change the fragrance we wear to suit the seasons.” Jo Malone CBE, founder of Jo Loves agrees. “If you wear a beautiful linen shirt in summer, it requires a different scent to you wearing amber-coloured cashmere in winter. It's wonderful to take your fragrance up a notch and add a bit more spice or heaviness to mimic the fabric and time of the year.”

This autumn, we're pleased to report there's an abundance of gorgeous fragrances to, well, fall for. Whether you want to revisit autumn’s archetypal classics, or update your signature scent with one of the blockbuster new launches from big-name brands, scroll through our selection of the best autumn fragrance finds that will keep you warm this season.

15 autumn fragrances, as chosen by our beauty team

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New-season launches

Autumn fragrance classics

How we tested the best autumn fragrances

A selection of best autumn fragrances tested by our beauty editor

(Image credit: Stephanie Maylor)

This list is split into two categories; new discoveries for autumn 2023, and our all-time favourites. This means each and every one of these autumn fragrance offerings has either been worn by one of our team for months, if not years, or (in the case of the newbies) at least a day or two, to test how they wear, dry down and how long they linger on the skin. 

They have also been assessed on price vs strength, as there's no fair comparison between eau de toilette vs parfum. And of course, we have had to take into account those all-important aesthetics, dressing table-worthiness, and, as we gear up for the festive season, their unique giftability.  

What fragrances are good for autumn?

“For the autumn and winter months, l prefer a more sensual fragrance,” admits Groenewald. “A fragrance that compliments the warmer clothes and materials, such as cashmere, that we may be wearing at this time of year.” Groenewald suggests upping the perfume ante as the weather gets colder. “This could mean changing your signature fragrance from a light Eau de Toilette during the fresh spring and summer months to a warmer Eau de Parfum during the cooler autumn months and then to an intense Parfum during winter.”

According to Rebecca Herd, fragrance expert from The Perfume Shop, the notes themselves denote seasonality. “We suggest changing your perfumes with the seasons based on the ingredients within the perfumes themselves. For example, in the spring and summer months you may go for a perfume with floral and fruit ingredients, whilst in autumn and winter you may want to choose a perfume with warming ingredients such as vanilla, amber and sandalwood,” she says.

Does the changing weather affect how autumn fragrance smells?

“Heat makes a perfume's ingredients dry down quicker, meaning you would be able to smell the middle and base notes quicker as the top notes of the scent would be the first to react in the heat,” explains Herd. In autumn, the opposite is true, so Herd suggests choosing something heavier than an Eau de Toilette. “Eau de Parfum or Parfum are made with higher concentrations of essential oils. These perfumes usually have a woody base note, such as sandalwood, cedarwood or Benzoin, which really last on the skin.”

Jo Malone agrees. “When I am in Dubai and it's quite hot, the fragrance develops very quickly, whereas in autumn in London the water evaporates slower, so you need to be slightly more patient with your fragrance.” The plus side, she admits, is that this means it will linger for longer. 

What are the big autumn fragrance trends?

“Bolder and more intense fragrances are set to be trending for the cooler season ahead,” reports Groenewald. Their aim, he says, is not to overpower, “but simply to attract more attention.”

This power perfume trend is echoed in the types of fragrances that are gaining popularity, according to Herd. “Going into autumn/winter, we will see notes reminiscent of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, as we see more Parfums and Elixirs in the marketplace.” 

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