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If you're not getting to grips with your diet plan, can't override the pangs or calm the cravings, you could find that the key to successful weight loss is sitting neatly neatly between your ears.

It's true, using your mind to help you lose weight works - simple as that. It's all about reshaping habits that lead you to give up on diets even when you can see them working.

All you have to do is indulge in a little brain training. Trust us, your mind believes what you tell it - try telling it something new!

Control your hunger pangs

Manage portion sizes

Kill those cravings

Imagine a slimmer you

Keep a weight journal


Find a body buddy

Also try these seven tricks before you diet: 

Get into breakfast: Those who indulge wisely tend to eat fewer calories during the course of the day.

Eat more water: US Dermatologist Dr Murad reckons eating lots of fruit and veggies is a great way to get water into our cells - and it also helps smooth out cellulite!

Get better sleep:
Lack of it makes you crave sugar and fats. Drink a caffeine-free herbal tea at bedtime for unwired nights - and hopefully a cravings dip.

Go for protein: Fish, turkey and chicken make you feel full longer. Protein revs your metabolism and helps build lean muscle mass.

Big up your fibre: Eating more vegetables, fruits and wholegrains will help you feel full.

Eat mindfully: Debenhams has noticed it's selling more forks than knives these days - probably due to easy-eat meals in front of the TV! For stress-free digestion and less bloating, lay the table, use all the cutlery and eat every mouthful slowly.

Add more spice: Research shows that capsaicin in red peppers, chilli peppers and chilli powder helps give metabolism a little boost and suppress appetite.  


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