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by Lynn Cardy on Monday, 28 September 2009

Smart New Balm Balm

When these hit the desk we had one of those why didn't they do this sooner moments! I like a good lip balm as well as the next but don't really like dunking my finger into a pot - too much of it goes under my fingernail and not on my lips!

So...big cheers all round now that Balm Balm comes in a handy little tube that delivers the best lip balm in the universe right onto your kisser in one easy movement - and definitely no messy fingers.

In rose geranium, tea tree and fragrance free they join the rest of the Balm Balm family of skin soothers.

£3.99 each.

Woman and Home tip: Take it from us that balm balm also works superbly well as a cuticle softener on both finger and toenails. No more dryness - brilliant!

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