The fabulous body fast exercise plan

Nothing makes a diet work better than adding just enough exercise and pampering to put you back in touch with your body.

Morning Moves
Body brush from toes up. Hop into the shower and give your body a second workout with a handful of salt scrub. Rinse with warm water, then turn the shower to cold and spray for as long as you can stand it – aim for up to a minute, but a few seconds is better than nothing. Finish with warm again, then slip into a robe. This routine perks you up, helps boost the immune system and eases depression. Finally, moisturise with lotion or cream.

Lunchtime Moves

Walk! No matter how busy you are, set aside 20 minutes at lunchtime to walk in the light. Ten there and ten back is enough to perk you up for the afternoon and get your sleep patterns regulated. Don’t rush, but be brisk.

Night Moves
Whip up a de-stressing bath. Run a warm one and swish a handful of Dead Sea salts through the water, plus a few drops of lavender essential oil. Dim the lights, light a candle and relax for a good 30 minutes. After your bath, pat yourself dry, then work body oil over skin from toes to neck. Top that with body lotion to seal in the oil. Hit the sheets for a fabulous night’s sleep.

The diet plan

The diet menus

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