Laser Lipo

It sounds crazy, but what works on cellulite could help firm up your arms.

Salon treatment: Book in for Laser Lipo, a therapy that works like an invasive treatment but doesn’t invade, hurt or involve snipping!

Insider detail: This treatment can be used anywhere on the body. For “bingo wings”, laser diodes are placed on the 'hang' of your underarm for ten minutes, and on top for another ten minutes. Then probes are placed under the arms. When the diodes are switched on you’ll feel a warmth, nothing more. No vibrations or muscle twitching. And that's it. Too good to be true? Well, testers have reported inch loss and firming results.

Our tester said: "I was surprised at the results. I had four treatments and my arms really tightened up – enough for me not to feel self-conscious about them any longer. Best of all – no knives or needles!"

Cost: Not cheap at £125 per treatment (and three to four are usual for lasting results) but if you’re needle-, pain- or knife-phobic, it could be worth it. Call 0870 220 2696;

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At home: Start using a cellulite cream on your arms now for a summer pay-off. Our find? Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Moisturiser, £4.88 for 200ml. With 96 per cent natural ingredients, it promises firmer skin after two uses! At Boots and Superdrug.

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