Energy boosting food

If you are lacking energy, your eating habits may be the problem. Try including more energy-boosting food in your diet to rev up your va-va-voom.

  • Fatty and fried foods make you sluggish. Have porridge for breakfast, made with skimmed milk, and honey if you need a little sweetness. We love Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Scottish Whole Rolled Porridge Oats.
  • Dehydration is a common cause of lethargy, so cut down on caffeine and alcohol and up your intake of water and herb tea. Try Pukka herbal teas from
  • You may be lacking iron. Iron-rich foods are meat, fish, liver, pulses, leafy veg and nuts. Tea, coffee and milk prevent good absorption of iron whereas vitamin C helps. So avoid those drinks with those foods, or try a spinach, watercress and orange segments salad with grilled steak.
  • Get into good snacking. Dried fruits are full of vitamins and minerals and will boost energy.
  • Starchy carbohydrates at lunchtime will make you sleepy, so go for a healthy vegetable soup or a chicken salad.

Swap low-fat spread and margarine – many doctors are concerned about fats that have been re-assembled, as their long-term effects are unknown, for unsalted butter– better taste, 100 per cent natural; eat, as everything, in moderation and enjoy it

Swap bottled salad dressing– can be loaded with sugar, especially if it’s labelled low-fat, and contain all sorts of additives, for olive oil and lemon juice, which only takes seconds to make; replace lemon juice with balsamic vinegar if you prefer a naturally sweeter taste

Swap chocolate and confectionery bars (too much sugar, too much fat, not much else) for a few squares of 70% dark chocolate– low in sugar, lower in fat, pure and simple and gives a welcome boost at 4pm

Swap “light” yogurts– loaded with sugar or sweetener and additives for organic natural yogurt– does what it says on the tin! Nothing added, good source of calcium – stir in a little honey for natural sweetness

Swap reduced-fat cheeses and spreads (not enough flavour, so it doesn’t satisfy and makes you eat more) with for a chunk of top-notch Cheddar or Parmesan– high quality cheese is 100 per cent natural and just a small piece hits the spot and fills you up

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