Detox diet: food you can't eat

Find out what foods you should avoid to lose weight quickly with Woman and home magazine's detox diet

Pre-packed, processed or ready meals
They’re full of preservatives, additives, salt and sugar and offer you no vitality, which is the energetic quality of food. Avoid any diet ready meals too.

Red meat
Beef, lamb, pork, including all ham and processed meats.

Dairy products
Sorry, but for three weeks, there’s no milk, cheese, butter and cream. Substitute with soya-based products.

Including wheat products such as bread, pasta and pastry. Check food labels carefully, because wheat is everywhere!

Coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate
Ditch the caffeine – you may be headachey for the first couple of days, but drink plenty of extra water and you’ll be fine.

Cut out anything containing sugar other than fresh fruit.

It’s a definite no – need we say more?

It’s best to avoid shellfish, as it’s one of the most common allergens.

And anything containing vinegar such as salad dressings, pickles and sauces.

Try really hard to keep your intake low.

Soy sauce
Use wheat-free tamari instead.

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