The One Day Diet

Looking to lose the last bit of excess weight? With diet guru Joanna Hall’s super one day diet plan, you could lose up to four pounds in 24 hours!

Check out the plan and see the recipes below.

What to eat

First thing
Body Cleanser Elixir Drink
Good Morning Body Juice
(space these apart to give your body time
to absorb and start to utilise the nutrients)

Body Blender Breakfast

Mid-morning (space these out through the morning)
1 detox tea
6 almonds or walnuts
1 apple

Vitality Soup

Body Cleanser Elixir Drink
1 Sanity Snack

Nutty Evening Energiser
1 detox tea before bed

Just remember to drink lots of water for real success.

Follow the 24 hour diet recipes

Nutrition notes
You’ll find lecithin pure fruit spread and Dr Stuart’s Detox Tea at your health store. Pure Synergy or any living green powder are nutrient-rich superfoods. Neem tincture is a bitter, cleansing herb. Find them at Joanna admits that Pure Synergy is pricey but worth it. Use it daily for extra energy!

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Find the diet plus a follow-on three-day cleanse, long-term weight loss plan and delicious recipes for smoothies, juices and health snacks in Joanna Hall’s terrific book The 24 Hour Diet (Harper Thorsons, £6.99).

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