Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Taurus

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  • Going into production is the theme for 2016. Yes, you could start or add to your family but this also a premium twelve months for creative projects of the business and artistic kind. With three eclipses targeting the axis of creativity and collaboration – 9th March and 1st and 16th September – there is an element of fate both to the way opportunities arise to showcase your talents and the events that thrust you onto a new and unexpected path. Saturn’s position in the eighth house could, over the next two years, produce events that have no explanation other than karma – good and bad – so you will have to be careful who you trust and who you partner up with. You are your own greatest resource. Never forget it. People and places far away play a part in 2016’s story: some of you may have the opportunity to travel thousands of miles while others will find a life or love – maybe both – in a distant location.

    The Challenge
    Every time you come up against someone who or a situation that refuses to go your way, release your grip, step back. The practice of letting be and letting go is the secret of achieving your goals and desires. Stop the noise for a while; stand still, and you’ll be amazed how much progress you’ll make. You have lost some of the serious astrological handicaps that were impeding your growth and happiness, and you have everything to gain from putting a new life strategy in motion. From September you should start to see the results.

    Fab dates: 15 January, 6-13 May, 27 August, 9 July, 14 November
    Drab dates: 24 January, 17 April, 22 April, 18 August, 30 October, 19 December

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