Your year ahead horoscopes: Aquarius

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  • 2016 is a year of consolidation. The foundations have been laid and now you are building on them, and Jupiter’s passage through the zone of financial exchange will help you find backing and resources. Since 2016 is also a year of endings, you should be leaving some aspects of your existence behind; for many Aquarians a change of location will be the reason for leaving a job; for others it will be the other way round, and there could be a parting of the ways for an old friendship. Health is the focus for Pluto’s transformational influence – the end to a long-standing problem for some, a radical programme of diet and exercise for others and elective surgery for a few. Although this is a year when business ought to come before pleasure, travel is a big part of the Aquarian picture, especially from September onwards. Indeed the notion of going where you have never gone before is another of 2016’s themes.

    The Challenge

    There are obvious dangers in leaping to conclusions and rushing into situations without due thought, but there can be just as much harm in over-thinking. Use that intuition of yours because it is the voice of your unconscious mind and it knows exactly what’s what. Fearing you will lose what you most desire is one of the reasons you withdraw when you should advance; fearing you haven’t got what it takes is another. The only thing you have to get over is yourself.

    Fab dates
    : 17 February, 3 May, 2 August, 5 November, 12 December, 31 December
    Drab dates: 24 January, 9 March, 22 April, 29 July, 18 August, 23 November

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