Your six month horoscopes: Virgo

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  • With Mars in the upper quadrant of your solar chart, you are being urged onwards and upwards. This fiery influence is just what you need to get people’s attention, whether in the romantic sense or to further your material ambitions. Not only this, but a highly favourable configuration – at its strongest in July – could open doors for you. While not every day of the next few months will prove pure bliss, many happy times lie ahead.

    Neptune continues to be a major player in your love story, especially if you have a late-August birthday or planets in the early degrees of Virgo. And if you’re deeply in love or utterly mystified by a partner’s behaviour, Neptune is definitely in the mix. On or near 26 July and 25 August, the best and worst of this spellbinding planet are on display. So while you should enjoy the highs – and if you’re going away with your loved one or celebrating a special occasion, expect pure magic – should you feel betrayed or disappointed, remind yourself that love is never wasted, and it will come back to you through someone far better.

    Virgos make some of the best mentors in the zodiac, and if you haven’t yet considered such a role, either as an adjunct to your job or as a whole new career, now is the time to do so. Saturn’s position is encouraging you to acquire qualifications and to expand your knowledge and experience of specific subjects, so while this could take you on a course during the summer months, there are two more years in which to fulfil Saturn’s potential here.

    Even though the next few months have opportunities for you to kick back and enjoy life, don’t waste all that Mars energy in sport and action-packed activities; use it to push forward with plans and to impress people with your talents and ambitions. Unexpected funds could come your way, although you may have some unanticipated expenditure too.

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