Your six month horoscopes: Taurus

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  • The further you go, the more you’ll gain. And we’re not just talking travel. This is also a metaphor for the next few months in that the more you are prepared to extend yourself – personally, professionally, emotionally and intellectually – the greater the rewards. Two full moons in the zone of life direction (22 July and 21 August) close and complete a chapter, and however this manifests in terms of real-life events, if there is a choice to be made, go with the new: it’s time to move on. Mid-September is another important period – one in which a relationship could play a pivotal part.

    Older people have a greater influence on your life now; they can teach you much and you’ll share some bonding experiences with them; some Taureans could marry someone older than themselves, or someone who has authority and standing in the world. If you’re married, you’re going to have to put your partner first and if you’re single, it may prove difficult to get a relationship off the ground. But, as they say: no pain; no gain! September is the most important month for love, and if you’re choosing a special date, the 14th or the 21st could be perfect.

    While some Taureans could be taking courses to improve their skills and increase their earning power, others will be considering accepting a job in another country. The summer is a perfect time to combine learning with pleasure – how about that creative-writing course? Certainly, if a job comes to an end or you feel you’re not being used to your full capacity, looking further afield and stretching your talents could be the answer.

    Saturn is exerting an effect on business partnerships and professional associations, so be wary of hooking up with people who have a reputation for being difficult. As for money, expect to be digging deep into your pockets on behalf of your nearest and dearest, and don’t be tempted to take out a second mortgage: what looks manageable now may not be in two years time.

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