Your six month horoscopes: Scorpio

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  • It’s good to get away from the routine round, and you could be going a fair distance over the next three months. And if you’re not jetting off to distant locations, there could be contact with people overseas and discussions that could lead to important developments in the future. Saturn continues to act as bogeyman, reminding you of the passing of time and burdening you with extra responsibilities and duties, so mark in red the periods around the 1 and 28 July, and 9 September when this planet will be at its most prominent, and you may have to make a hard decision. All to the good in the long run, though.

    Especially during the summer months, you should allow other people to run the show: if you force the pace or demand certain actions, you will not only generate friction in the relationship, but you will never know whether someone acted from his or her own heart or under duress. There is no hurry. Venus will pass through your sign from 11 September until 7 October, speeding the course of true love. Old wounds can be healed and new relationships begun. The week of the 16 September would be an excellent time to make or remake your vows, it could also reveal the extent of the disharmony between you and a partner. Take it slow.

    With Jupiter’s new position the next 12 months could take you far, both in terms of miles and career success: you may work for an international company or reach a bigger audience via the Internet. Certainly, you should be prepared to spread your wings, which may mean starting a small or large business ventures of your own. Jupiter will oppose ruler, Pluto, on 7 August, which could boost your success, and ideas and offers that come to you then should be embraced.

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