Prince William ‘flirts’ with elderly woman in a sweet video from his trip to Scotland

Prince William states, ‘I’m not sure who’s flirting more!’ as he visits a care home and chats with the residents

Prince William
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Prince William is currently performing his royal duties in Scotland where he took the opportunity to chat with elderly care home residents.

• Prince William visited the residents of Queen’s Bay Lodge during his trip to Scotland.
• The Duke of Cambridge ate ice cream and jokingly flirted with members of the community.
• In other royal news, This is the Queen's favorite great grandchild, according to a royal expert.

The post from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Instagram account showed a video of Prince William chatting with an elderly resident as they ate ice cream. In the video, the Prince was asked, “Can you stop flirting with residents?” Prince William laughed as he said, “Sorry I’m trying not to, I’m not sure who is flirting more!”

An eagle-eyed fan has spotted something unusual about these photographs of Prince William in Scotland. as the Prince was pictured doing some woodwork on the trip. A photo of his DIY skills was also included in the royal's most recent post. 

The Prince continued to chat with people in the local community and inspect the Guard of the Boys Brigade. The caption read, “Communities associated with the Church of Scotland have done an incredible job to continue to support one another during the pandemic—it was great to see some of them at work today.”

The post continued to say that this community is using social enterprises to help vulnerable people. The post read, “@grassmarketcommunity are supporting vulnerable people through community innovation and social enterprise — with projects from a herb garden to a workshop making furniture from recycled pews and other responsibly-resourced wood.”

The caption also revealed that Prince William's ice cream partner was a lady named Betty who is a resident at the Queen's Bay Lodge. The post read, “And, after inspecting a Guard of the Boys’ Brigade, it was great to join Betty and the residents of Queens Bay Lodge for ice cream and a chat — the care home is operated by CrossReach, which supports over 10,000 people in Scotland living in challenging situations.”

Fans loved this post from the Duke and Duchess's account and many took to social media to share their admiration. One fan said, "Diana would be proud." Another fan commented, "Oh I love our Prince William He's just a lovely, kind, and steady man. An old soul with a gentle heart, he just connects with everyone. Born to be King."

The Duchess of Cambridge is joining Prince William in Scotland from Monday 24th May. It was announced by the couple's social media account that the pair will visit Edinburgh and Fife and then make their first official trip to Orkney.

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