The best tweakments for amazing results without cosmetic surgery

From injectibles to laser, these tweakments prove there's no need to go under the knife to get incredible results

Woman having injectable tweakment
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Have you ever considered having a bit of 'work' done? I'm talking about tweakments, rather than surgical intervention. This beauty buzzword is a growing interest across the professional aesthetic industry and covers treatments including Botox, LED, laser, facial fillers and more. 

Tweakments are often seen as a stepping stone between products and surgery—when even the best eye cream isn't hitting the spot for results, but eye lift surgery is not something you are keen to explore. Think more than a facial, less than a scalpel and you're on the right track. Compared with surgeries, tweakments like Ultherapy and baby Botox are relatively affordable, with no anaesthetic, scars and minimal downtime.

As skin tweakments continue to become more effective and popular, there has been a resulting drop in demand for cosmetic surgeries. Data released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAPPS) annual audit showed that cosmetic operations dropped by 7.5% in 2020, continuing a downward trend we have seen for several years now. This makes sense—why accept the risks, costs, pain and permanence of rhinoplasty (down 14% year on year) when a 15-minute non-surgical nose job using facial filler could bring equally satisfying results. 

Small facial tweakments are the next step on for skincare, according to the experts. "A new term that's been coined pre-juvenation" says Dr Nick Lowe, Consultant Dermatologist at the Cranley Clinic. "You start relatively mild, so sun protection, retinoids, fillers, botulins and gentle lasers. You want to stimulate the skin with small amounts of treatment and maintain it over time." Raffi Eghiayan, Founder of the Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition, predicts tweakments are the future."We've seen a distinct growth in the demand for treatments with little or no downtime, like gentle peels. Treatments that can be speedily performed post-work without sacrificing on results are key."

The best facial tweakments for every concern

Lumecca IPL for skin tone

The tweakment
If you’re fed up with spending a fortune on the best foundations and concealers to cover up uneven skin tone, age spots or rosacea, consider investing in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy instead. Using a collection of different wavelengths of light to remove specific pigments in the skin, it’s a quick and easy way to tackle pigmentation. The Lumecca IPL therapy uses photothermolysis, a method of applying intense pulsed lights to target pigmentation and redness created by sun damage, and it’s one of the most powerful treatments for this purpose. It doesn't hurt, but it does feel warm and as though a rubber band was being snapped gently on your face.  Your face may feel a little sunburnt for around 20 minutes. Expect some results after one session and a noticeably more even skintone in two to three sessions. 

The cost
From £250 per session, per area.

Botox for smoothing lines

The tweakment
We've all seen dodgy Botox, but the good stuff is undetectable, temporarily relaxing line-forming muscles for up to six months. The treatment is quick, about ten minutes, you'll feel a little nip from the needle then carry on as normal as wrinkles eerily vanish over the next three days. So where to find this "good" Botox? A great doctor. Personal recommendations are crucial. If a friend's tried and loved it, ask for a name and an in-depth consultation. We rate Dr Jules Nabet, the Beauty Editor's go-to doc, who has launched the Botox Pen, a tiny motorised syringe that promises half the pain and better accuracy.

The Cost
Expect to pay at least £100 per area, Botox Pen from £280

fractional lasers for fresh skin texture

The tweakment
Fractional lasers cause mini "injuries" to skin's upper and lower layers using heat, so it repairs itself by producing new collagen. It's more targeted than traditional laser meaning less downtime, and feels somewhere between nicely warm and "ouch, bit prickly!" Expect a week's worth of minor sunburn-like flakiness in exchange for fresh bouncy texture that keeps improving for up to a year. New and exciting is Lynton Lasers 3Juve, a pick and mix bespoke course of fractional laser, brightening intense pulsed light (IPL) and firming radio frequency.

The Cost
Around £300 for fractional laser, 3Juve from £1200 for six sessions 

Injectible filler for a smooth profile

The tweakment
First things first, no nose is perfectly straight – and this is 100% normal, but if you are unhappy with your profile, a non-surgical nose job using injectable fillers can be used to reshape it. By adding volume into certain areas, a good practitioner can help bumps, dips and wonky bridges to become less visible. It’s a quick and pain-free treatment – and a lot cheaper and less scary than undergoing surgery. You’ll see results straightaway but it does only last about one year, so it could become a rather expensive habit.  A numbing cream will be applied for minimal discomfort, there is no downtime one and you'll see results Immediately.

The cost
Around  £500 per session 

LED for fresh texture

The tweakment
When LED light penetrates your skin it can tackle a variety of issues determined by wavelength. So the shallowest, blue light, blitzes bacteria, red goes deeper, stimulating collagen, and invisible infrared goes further still for an anti-inflammatory healing response. Some results, like a glow, are immediate while some, like plumped skin or acne-clearing take a few sessions.

w&h Deputy Beauty Editor Jess Beech says
"After months of limited daylight (does working at my laptop by a window count?) and comfort-eating biscuits, my skin was looking pretty lacklustre. My main gripes were congestion around my T-zone, uneven texture and a grey and gloomy appearance. In the hope of rectifying my skin woes, I booked an appointment at The Light Salon for their Peel & Heal facial. The treatment takes a two-pronged approach, combining light therapy with a chemical peel. This sounds like a potentially painful experience, but trust me when I say I emerged feeling relaxed and restored with a far glowier complexion.

The treatment started, as all good ones do, with a chat with my therapist Sofia about my skin concerns. After my skin was cleansed and enjoyed an exfoliating mask applied to nibble away at dead skin cells, Sofia got stuck-in with extractions. Using her fingertips and just enough pressure, she expertly manipulated deep-down gunk and grime from my pores. Now for the high-tech part. As my skin was dry, Sofia applied a hydrating sheet mask to my face and goggles to my eyes before placing the brand’s signature 830nm light above me. It emits red light, and works to strengthen the skin. I found the rhythmic flicker of the light quite soothing, and can confirm the experience was neither hot nor painful. 

Next up, the peel. It contained potent alpha-hydroxy acids (the concentrations are higher in the salon than at home) and the aim of the game was to exfoliate away dead, dulling skin cells. Again, it wasn’t painful, nor did it sting. Post treatment, I was thrilled with the appearance of my skin. Immediately after I looked fresh and glowing with no redness and by the next morning I found I appeared more awake than I had in months. It’s worth noting that aftercare is really important here, as shiny new skin is more prone to irritation and burning. Keep your skincare simple and gentle for the first few days, and slather up with a daily SPF50 going forwards."

The cost
£85 for 40 minutes. Available in selected Harvey Nichols stores and Cowshed Spas 

Profhilo for deep hydration

The tweakment
The latest injectable skin boosters promise brighter, bouncier and more even-textured skin – a supercharged facial working its magic from the inside out, thus boosting moisture and luminosity. The result is younger, plumper-looking skin. Profhilo works by injecting tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid (which is a naturally occurring substance in the body) superficially into your skin to help with skin tone and dramatically boost moisture and luminosity. It also has the added benefit of helping to firm and tighten too. Two to three treatments (five injections on either side of your face) are administered one month apart, followed by a treatment every three to six months to maintain results. It may feel a little uncomfortable during the process, but the treatment is tolerable as very fine needles are used. Redness, swelling and pin-prick bruising could take 48 hours to settle. Wait two months to see the final effects.

The cost
Around £450 for your face, £850 for your face and neck.

Rejuvalift facial for muscle tone

The tweakment
So much more than a traditional facial, the rejuvaLIFT facial is an intense medical grade treatment that really gets under the skin. After cleansing and an enzymatic exfoliation, micro and nanocurrent technology is stroked over the muscle tissues to improve the skin tone and lift the eyes, jawline and neck. It might sound scary, but it’s totally painless. This gentle pressure applied to the face also works to release the toxins in your face–a process known as lymphatic drainage - which reduces puffiness. This non-invasive requires no recovery time and the results last between one and three months.

w&h tester Anna Bailey says
"This has an immediate effect, and instantly lifted the skin, especially around the eyelids, and jowls. My skin also felt smoother and brighter. It's the perfect treatment ahead of a big event or party".

The Cost
Expect to pay £250 for 60 minutes, which includes a skin consultation. 

Morpheus8 for skin firming

The tweakment
Morpheous8 non-surgical facelift and skin rejuvenation is perfect for those who want the rEsults of a facelift, without having a facelift. This innovative treatment targets deep layers of a patient’s skin to remodel collagen. After the treatment, the effects won't be seen for 4-6 weeks, as that's how long it takes for the skin to rebuild and tighten. Expect to see significantly lifted skin, especially around the jaw and eye area. Morpheus8 is a favourite with the Hollywood set thanks to its impressive results and zero downtime (the most you can expect to experience is a little redness). Treatments generally take 15- 20 minutes after numbing, which takes about 20- 25 minutes.

Morpheous8 expert Dr Tatiana says
"The Morpheus 8 is a highly effective, evidence-based and minimally invasive way to treat fine-lines, skin laxity, wrinkles and acne scarring. We particularly love using it for excess skin that builds up under the eyes during the ageing process."

The cost
Around £800-£1000 per treatment

Coolsculpting for targeted fat reduction

The tweakment
An extra layer fat around the middle can be difficult to shift, but this non-invasive tweakment promises ‘miracle’ results with no needles. Two Harvard doctors discovered when fat cells are subjected to precisely controlled cooling for a sustained period of time they can undergo cell death. The body then excretes the fat cells naturally through our waste system, leading to a gradual reduction in the fat layer. Following their three hour-long suction cup treatment, Coolsculpting claim a patient can expect to see a 20-24% reduction in fat. Though some discomfort may be felt and skin may redden, this calms down after a while.

w&h tester, Rosie Green says
“After a few weeks I notice my tummy is tighter and firmer. And over time it only gets more so. The little pouch disappears and it (almost) regains its pre-kids flatness. I am delighted and astounded in equal measure.”

The Cost
From £800 for a single area, visit to locate a clinic.

Laser for hair reduction

The tweakment
If you crave permanent hairlessness, nothing can rival laser treatment. The laser device emits a concentrated beam of light that converts to heat energy as it passes through the skin. This is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair, which damages the follicle enough that hair growth slows and eventually stops altogether. De-fuzzing with this level of permanence can be a truly life-changing tweakment, and give you the confidence to bare your legs, underarms (and wherever else) without a care.

w&h Beauty Editor Steph Maylor says
"I went to Sk:n Clinics. They have 50 clinics dotted all over the country, and use the long-pulsed Nd YAG laser, which is safe to use on darker skin tones. I am fair-skinned with dark hair so a  good candidate for successful hair reduction. After an initial consultation, the treatment itself was really not that painful. Promise. At its very worst, it feels a little like being pinged with a rubber band. But the machine blasts you with a cool shot of air during the treatment, which lessens the immediate impact on skin, and can, at times feel almost relaxing. 

Obviously this depends on the area being treated, parts of the legs were fairly pain-free; the bikini-line however, was a lot more tender, shall we say. I saw results a couple of weeks after the first treatment, and after the full course any stragglers were few and far between, so a quick tweeze here and there is all that is needed to maintain silky-smooth skin. You might experience a little dryness on the area being treated - for me, my legs felt a little on the parched side but a regular dose of no-frills moisturiser sorted that."

The cost
Laser hair removal starts at around £25. Prices at Sk:n Clinics start at £47, or £23.50 if you have a course of eight,

Juvederm filler for youthful volume

The tweakment
Like Botox these tweakments have a bit of a rep, but in the right hands will keep everyone guessing - those in the know visit DR Tapan at PHI and Dr Jonquille at Cheshire's Expert Aesthetics for Juvederm. It's made with hyaluronic acid (HA) a skin-plumping sugar that's already in your body, which instantly juices up hollow cheeks and deep nose-to-mouth lines. Most jabs contain an anaesthetic, the whole procedure takes minutes and you'll see an immediate plumping (maybe more than you want but that's only initial swelling). Once the results settle they last up to a year.

The Cost
From around £300 per treatment, visit to locate a clinic. 

Alexandrite laser for pigmentation

The tweakment
A precise fix for that age spot you always notice in photos (and wish you could airbrush out), Alexandrite lasers work by blasting intense light into skin to break up the pigment, you'll see noticeable fading after one session but might need up to three for complete clarity. 

w&h tester Sue James says
"I found it fast and comfortable: pop on a pair of goggles, hear a beep, see a blast of light from a little pen-like device then feel a little pinprick as the laser enters your skin. You'll need to avoid the sun afterwards and might feel a little flushed but there's no real downtime. I visited Dr Lowe at The Cranley Clinic, but nationwide seek out Pro Skin Clinics, which specialise in laser treatments."

The Cost
Expect to pay around £250-400 per area, with courses of treatments  available at a reduced cost per treatment. 

PRP therapy for bright eyes

The tweakment
This sounds icky, but bear with us. A small amount of your blood is "spun" to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is then re-injected so natural growth factors create brighter, smoother new tissue underneath.

w&h tester says
"I visited Eye guru Dr Maryam Zamani at Cadogan Clinic for Triple Boost HydraBright, a combination of HA fillers, PRP and Mesotherapy vitamin injections. It's a little nippy, as you'd expect in the eye area, and any spare plasma is massaged in after the jab - not one for the squeamish. The results are great though, an instant improvement in dark circles and lines with even better results showing a fortnight later."

The Cost
Starts around £500 per treatment; Triple Boost Hydrabright, £1,700 for three treatments

The smart way to have tweakments

  • Only have a tweakment by a medical professional, ideally a physician who specialises in skin and never a beauty therapist or a salon worker.
  • Do your research. There is never any emergency cosmetic treatment, take your time and investigate who you're going to see, go to several people or several clinics.
  • Be wary of special offers, chains with two-for-one deals, or persuasive staff. If you feel under any pressure at all, walk away.

    For more information, and to search for GMC registered doctors and dermatologists, visit