This country could pay you to visit following the pandemic

This sounds exciting!

If you're looking for travel inspiration for when we're able to travel again, you might want to consider Japan.

After most (if not all) travel plans for 2020 had to be postponed or cancelled, it's no wonder you might be looking around for inspiration of where to go next - be in a staycation or an adventure to an emerging travel destination.

As countries begin to set out plans to reboot the badly affected tourism industries all around the world, one country will reportedly pay you to visit over the coming months.

The Japan Times reports that Hiroshi Tabata of the Japan Tourism Agency said in a press conference last week that the country is planning to allocate $12.5 billion to a new reimbursement program.

The initiative would see tourists receiving money back for some of the money they spent on their trip.

It’s not been revealed yet how the programme would work and what expenses would be covered, but it could launch as soon as July this year if infection rates continue to decline rapidly.

But don't start booking your trip just yet - the country still has an international travel ban in place, which prohibits tourists from entering the country.

The news comes after Japan reported a 99.9 percent drop in tourism from the previous year. The Japanese travel industry has also lost revenue that was expected from the Olympics, which had to be postponed until 2021.

And it’s not just Japan looking into kickstarting their tourism industry by giving tourist a financial incentive.

Sicily has also announced a new programme that’s set to reimburse travellers for some of the money spent on their holiday.

Plans announced by Sicily’s tourism director, Manlio Messina, on Italian news show Mattino Cinque include subsidising visitors’ accommodation costs, offering one night of a three-night trip for free, or two nights of a six-day trip, as well as vouchers for cultural and heritage activities.

Now that many countries around the world are

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