Weekly horoscope: Monday 30th November - Sunday 6th December

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Weekly horoscope, Monday 30th November - Sunday 6th December

Weekly Horoscope: Aries


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You’ve a strong sense of self, and move mountains to achieve your goals. You learn quickly and could easily add a few courses to your CV to further your career.

Weekly Horoscope: Taurus

Weekly Horoscope Taurus Star Sign

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Looking for security in your relationship? Show your sensual, sophisticated side – create a luxurious evening they’ll love with candlelight and cosy throws.

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini star sign

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You’re quick-witted and good for a laugh. Why not set up an online joke forum and post live videos. Your group will increase in number as hilarity ensues.

Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

Cancer horoscope

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Emotional and sensitive, you form deep bonds with those you love. You’re planning a special online event for family to come together to celebrate.

Weekly Horoscope: Leo

Weekly Horoscope: Leo star sign

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You have a famously welcoming heart and generous nature. Getting your partner anything they desire is your priority. A piece of jewellery would delight them.

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo star sign

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Inspecting your garden and making sure all is in order is wise, as your favourite plant may suffer from frostbite if not carefully wrapped. Check for bugs, too.

Weekly Horoscope: Libra

Weekly Horoscope: libra star sign

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Relax in the evening with a good book, as you try to create a well-being balance. You’ll feel much better for it, and restored to your normal, good-natured self.

Weekly Horoscope: Scorpio


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Work friction is common right now, as everything seems up in the air. Allow extra time for snappy people, as they’re struggling and may need some help.

Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius

sagittarius star

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You have so many invitations, you can’t attend everything. You may want to stay within your family bubble for the time being and arrange a larger event for the future.

Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope: capricorn star sign

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You may have an issue in the garden. Use your DIY skills to fix a fence or repair a broken shed door that’s been banging all night, keeping you awake.

Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope

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An artist at heart, you’re fascinated by how colour can change and make more shades when mixed, just like the atmosphere changes in a crowd.

Weekly Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces horoscope

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You’re very non- competitive, and often find yourself pushed out of the spotlight, so you’ll be surprised when you’re asked to take centre stage to host a seminar.

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