Weekly horoscope: Monday 2nd December – Sunday 8th December

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Weekly horoscope, Monday 2nd December – Sunday 8th December

Weekly Horoscope: Aries

The great thing about this fortnight is you’re able to get on with whatever you set your mind to without hitting silly obstacles or opposition. Just be aware loved ones aren’t in the most Christmassy of moods and need lots of support.

Weekly Horoscope: Taurus

Weekly Horoscope Taurus Star Sign

Friday 13th might be unlucky for some but for you it heralds a weekend of making merry. Parties then offer joy to the world. Just watch out if you’re Christmas shopping – you might splurge on presents that are downright weird.

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini star sign

A significant time for significant relationships. After the 9th it’s time to tackle something that’s been hard to talk about. Whether it’s a problem or a growing flirtatious attraction, Something Big Happens around the 12th.

Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

Weekly Horoscope: Cancer star sign

That tricky relationship matter you’ve been struggling with? There’s relief from two different sources. After the 3rd a problem either fades or blows up in a way that attracts help. And a woman or lover is a big support between the 10th and 15th.

Weekly Horoscope: Leo

Weekly Horoscope: Leo star sign

Have you noticed how you often enjoy the pre-Christmas period more than the actual event? That’s possible this year too so make the most of now. A conversation with a lover or child after the 9th brings a feelgood glow.

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo star sign

You may not feel the Christmas spirit until after the 9th when a tendency towards obsessing about something lifts and you’re in the mood to party. You’ll enjoy present shopping more then too – if you can tolerate putting it off until then!

Weekly Horoscope: Libra

Weekly Horoscope: libra star sign

Don’t go Christmas shopping between the 10th and 14th. You’ll either be feeling Scrooge-like, hating every option you see or (especially on the 13th) blow the budget on something inappropriate. Get it done early or late. The 4th is romantic.

Weekly Horoscope: Scorpio

Weekly Horoscope: scorpio star sign

With active Mars in your sign you’re a powerhouse. Whatever you focus on – from present buying to partying – should go like a dream this fortnight when there’s not too much getting in your way. Just don’t wear yourself out. (It’s possible.)

Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius

Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius star sign

Given your lucky ruler’s been in Sagittarius throughout 2019 you’ll have enjoyed at least one stroke of joy or good fortune. Now on the 15th he boosts finances in unexpected ways. It could be a windfall – equally you could spend, spend, spend.

Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope: capricorn star sign

An astro-light appears at the tunnel’s end as lucky, feelgood Jupiter arrives on the 3rd for a year-long stay. If your birthday’s around Christmas you benefit immediately, but all Caps sense a lightening up. It’s the best Christmas present – early!

Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius

Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius star sign

Secrets. Barely-conscious impulses. Weird dreams. These are having a big impact, even if you’re going about everything normally on the surface. If you’re in the market for a secret affair, watch who you get under the mistletoe with.

Weekly Horoscope: Pisces

Weekly Horoscope: Pisces star sign

If there’s anything you’ve not been entirely upfront or honest about, tread carefully around the 12th when the whole thing could blow up in your face. Even nice surprises you’re planning could go wrong – hide those presents well.

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