Zara Tindall's weekend plans sound so wholesome as husband Mike shares rare insight into family life

Mike and Zara Tindall sound like any other parents navigating a busy weekend with three children

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall
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Mike Tindall and Zara Tindall may be royalty, but it's refreshing to hear that when it comes to how they like to spend their weekends, they enjoy wholesome family activities just like the rest of us. 

In a recent interview, Mike Tindall opened up about how he juggles work and family life, reserving the weekends to spend with his wife and children - and they mainly revolve around the kids' various sporting activities. 

It's clear that Zara and Mike's children, Mia, 10, Lena, five, and Lucas, two, take after their parents, who have both competed professionally in sports including rugby and equestrian sports, with the father of three explaining that the weekends are a "mixture of rugby, hockey, swimming, gymnastics".

Zara Tindall and Lucas Tindall

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"We're no different to other parents and our weekends end up being about the kids and getting them to their sports. It's a mixture of rugby, hockey, swimming, gymnastics," the former England rugby union star told HELLO!

It's not often that we get a glimpse into what the royals get up to behind closed doors, though there are some hints from time to time - like Kate and William's sweet nickname around the house for Prince George.

For Mike, combining leisure time at the weekends with sports is important for building the right skills in life. He continued, "I think sport gives so many things to kids, whether it's learning how to be a team member or determination. It has given Zara and me so much that we want to expose them to as many sports as we can."

Zara and Mia Tindall cheer on Mike Tindall

Zara and Mia Tindall cheer on Mike Tindall during a golf tournament 

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While Mike is an acclaimed rugby star and recently a golfing enthusiast, he explained that he leaves it up to Zara when it comes to horse riding - and won't be taking on that particular sport himself. 

When the publication asked him whether he had learned to ride, Mike replied, "No! It would be a bit like asking Zara to learn to play rugby. I know she does it with the kids, but I think we'd argue if she was trying to teach me to ride – and I would probably be a tough student."

Prince William and Mike Tindall

Prince William and his family are also big sports fans 

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It was actually a love of sports that brought the couple together in the first place. Mike and Zara (who was then Zara Phillips) met during England's Rugby World Cup in Syndey, Australia, back in 2003.

Australia is still a place close to their hearts and the couple travel there every year for the Magic Millions racing event. Mike continued, "We go to Australia every year for the Magic Millions racing event, and we try to get back to have lunch at the place where we met whenever we can.

"We love Sydney and have loads of friends there, so it's been an important city in our lives. Everyone keeps telling us we're moving there but we're not. It's so far away, especially when you have a big family."

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