William and Kate send 'VIP' post to adorable girl who mailed Princess Charlotte a touching gift

Prince William and Kate Middleton's touching message to the young royal fan includes a special tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II

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A schoolgirl in England has received a 'VIP' gift from Prince William and Kate Middleton after sending a 'precious' card to Princess Charlotte last year, much to the delight of royal fans. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton have sent an adorable schoolgirl a 'VIP' gift in recognition of her sweet note to Princess Charlotte last year. 

Six-year-old Meredith of Greatwood Community Primary School in Skipton wrote a letter to the only daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales in September 2022, in the hope of cheering the royal infant up following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The 'precious' note was accompanied by an illustration of Her Majesty with her beloved Corgi dogs, Sandy and Muick. 

"I drew you a picture of your great grandma walking your dogs to remember her," Meredith wrote, before adding, "I am six and one day would like to feed the Corgis." In the sweet drawing, Queen Elizabeth is pictured wearing a blue dress and a pink crown while leading three dogs towards a castle. 

The Queen's Corgis were rehomed at the Royal Lodge after her death, where they are currently being cared for by Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales have since acknowledged Meredith's touching message to Princess Charlotte, sending her a sweet response in the post. 

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In the typed letter, the royal couple thanks the schoolgirl for her 'kind words' before sharing a touching nod to the late Queen. 

The note, which is printed on Kensington Palace stationery and includes William and Kate's initials, said that the Royal Highnesses will 'deeply miss Her Majesty', who has gone down in history as Britain's longest-serving monarch after serving for an incredible 70 years. A portrait of the Queen smiling and wearing a white hat with a matching dress is also attached. 

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Royal fans were quick to gush over the heartfelt exchange between the Wales family and Meredith, with many taking to the comment section to share their reactions. 

"Good for you, Meredith, that was very kind of you to think of Princess Charlotte," one person wrote, before adding some positive feedback about the little girl's artistry talents: "I like everything about your drawing especially the hearts on the castle door, the Queen's crown, and the head corgi who looks as though she has been eating some of the other corgis' dinners!" 

"So sweet of you Meredith. You are a true example how we can be kind with others no matter our age!!" another person commented. 

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