Why we think we’ll see more of the Chelsea Iris Brooch in the future – the late Queen’s sustainable gift

The Chelsea Iris Brooch hasn’t been seen for a while, but it’s the perfect accessory for the new line-up of senior royals

The Chelsea Iris Brooch has all the makings of a future favorite accessory
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There are many fascinating pieces of jewelry which were worn by the late Queen Elizabeth during her historic 70 year reign. While plenty of these fabulous pieces have been seen adorned on the outfits of the new Queen Consort, Camilla, or the future Queen, Kate Middleton, there are plenty of treasures and trinkets which have yet to be reworn. But there’s one, the Chelsea Iris Brooch, which could become a regular – as it represents plenty of values important to the modern line-up of senior royals, such as sustainability.

While the late Queen Elizabeth’s absence will always be felt by her subjects and her family, Her Majesty’s memory remains thanks to subtle touches by members of the Royal Family.

Notably, senior members of the royals have started wearing pieces from the royal’s jewelry vault, with nods to plenty of the Queen’s favorites. At a Festival of Remembrance, Kate Middleton wore the pearl choker that was thought to be an important piece to the late monarch.

The pearl choker features three strings of pearls that were held together with diamond encrusted clasp at the front of the necklace.

While items like the Lover’s Knot tiara are worn for state visits and high profile occasions, there are other pieces which we think could become more popular amongst the royals today. Items like the quirky, modern Chelsea Iris Brooch.

The Chelsea Iris Brooch was given to the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee

(Image credit: Julian Simmonds - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society, organizers of the world famous Chelsea Flower Show, this special brooch design was created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

The white gold and diamond brooch, which is shaped like an iris, was designed by Kristjan Eyjolfsson, an Icelandic jewelry designer who works in the United Kingdom.

Kristjan’s work focuses on sustainable and ethical design, and this brooch was made using recycled materials. The designer explained to The Jewellery Editor, “The brooch is made from 100% recycled British white gold and features over 100 ethically sourced gemstones, including a single conflict-free yellow diamond at its centre.”

The Royal Horticultural Society also shared the hands-on, personal process behind the brooch, explaining that they created a hand-rendered artwork and design to present to Her Majesty for her approval.

In total, the final piece reportedly includes the single large yellow diamond in the center, 30 tourmalines, 20 amethysts, 15 diamonds, and 60 sapphires (one for each year of the Queen's reign at the time of the Diamond Jubilee).

The cost of the brooch has been reported at $48,000 – with most putting the high cost down to the conflict-free, ethically sourced stones.

The Queen wore the brooch at several consecutive flower shows after receiving it, but it hasn’t been seen since 2017. Considering the Queen Consort and King Charles’ shared love of gardening, and Kate Middleton and Prince William’s commitment to sustainability with the Earthshot Prize initiative, this ethical and environmental piece could become one of the new favorites.

They’d go perfectly with Kate’s Sezane earrings – the $120 gift from William from a brand who are committed to supporting ethical initiatives and using eco-conscious materials.

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