This special Queen Elizabeth throwback proves she had ‘attitude right from the start’

A Queen Elizabeth throwback has showcased her writing skills as a child and her confidence couldn't have been clearer!

Queen Elizabeth throwback reveals childhood writing. Seen here she attends a State Banquet
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A special Queen Elizabeth throwback has proved she had “attitude right from the start” and fans couldn’t be more delighted by this intriguing insight.  

With King Charles’ coronation now just weeks away many of the final details have already been confirmed, from Queen Camilla’s coronation crown to King Charles’ coronation logo. Whilst still more will no doubt be revealed before the big day, the late Queen Elizabeth’s coronation has provided hints at the kind of ceremonial aspects we can expect. She was also present at her father King George VI’s coronation in 1937 and now the Royal Collection Trust have shared a very special Queen Elizabeth throwback from this momentous day. 

It’s received quite the reaction from fans who suggested it proves she had “attitude right from the start”. Taking to Instagram, the RCT continued their “Monarch Monday” series on April 24 with a glimpse at a piece of writing by Queen Elizabeth. 

Although she was only eleven years old at the time King George VI was crowned, she attended the ceremony and wrote her own account of it titled “The Coronation, 12th May 1937”. The RCT shared an enlightening photo of the front cover, showing the sweet dedication - and Queen Elizabeth’s confident sign-off!

“To Mummy and Papa In Memory of Their Coronation from Lilibet By Herself,” she wrote, before underlining in bold the final two words to emphasize that the final account was all down to her.

This didn’t go unnoticed by fans and one took to the comments to express their delight at her confident and cheeky display of independence.

“I love how she pointed out "By herself " and underlined it. She showed an attitude from the start!,” they declared. 

The Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after the coronation of King George VI

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Whilst another echoed this sentiment, commenting, “This is priceless and beautiful! Even as a child, showed us she was destined for greatness.”

Another described the underlined section and Queen Elizabeth’s desire to be clear and formal with her work showed she was “always so proper”, adding that she “really was born a Queen”.

“It's so cute that she was quite proud of writing it by herself,” someone else wrote. “Must've been daunting yet amazing to have witnessed her father's coronation at 11 years old. Miss her!”

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth continued to display her confidence and independence and has gone down in history as Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Alongside this special Queen Elizabeth throwback insight the RCT also posted a sweet family photo.

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on coronation day

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It shows Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and King George VI and the Queen Mother on this big day and as well as being part of official photos, the late Queen also joined them on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the celebrations. Staring out and waving at the crowds below could likely have been “daunting yet amazing”.

King Charles also appeared on the balcony after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 when he was just 4 and it’s possible that 9-year-old Prince George, who is second in the royal line of succession, will experience this too in May.

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