The Princess of Wales just suffered a relatable fashion faux pas that may be down to the 'Kate Middleton effect'

Kate Middleton's recent fashion faux pas was extremely relatable - but may have been down to the Princess's own popularity!

Catherine, Princess of Wales wears pearl earrings and a cream jumper as she visits Nottingham Trent University, to hear how they and the University of Nottingham are ensuring their students have the right mental health support around them as they begin the new university year, on October 11, 2023 in Nottingham, England.
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Kate Middleton's recent fashion faux pas was a super relatable problem that many of us have faced before! 

On October 15, the Princess of Wales was among the spectators at the England v Fiji: Quarter Final at the Rugby World Cup France 2023. Kate Middleton looked effortlessly chic at the rugby in a £65 Zara blazer with tailored black trousers and a Chanel bag. The Princess's looked chic in one of the best blazers we've seen this season which is right in line with the autumn/ winter fashion trends of 2023

However, it was this blazer that caused a subtle fashion faux pas - but did you spot it?

At one point in the match, the Princess could be seen in the stands next to Sir Bill Beaumont CBE and his wife Lady Hilary. Although they weren't directly standing next to each other, and it wasn't obvious at first until the camera panned out - Lady Hilary and Kate seemed to be wearing the exact same blazer!

Fans were quick to spot the matching outfits and many took to social media to comment on this fashion mishap! "Princess Of Wales and the lady have the same blazer!!" said one fan on X, formerly known as Twitter. Others said that they weren't the exact same blazer, but certainly looked alike, "Buttons and pattern on the shirt look different, but they do look similar from that angle."

Although wearing the same thing as someone else is a relatable problem many of us have faced, Kate's predicament could be down to her own popularity. The Princess is known for being a stylish royal who has established something called the 'Kate Middleton effect.' This references the phenomenon when an item of clothing Catherine has worn suddenly sells out because everyone wants to copy her style. 

As Kate has been seen in this type of blazer many times over the years, the boucle-style jacket has become very popular and many brands sell pieces just like this. This means that Kate Middleton's recent fashion faux pas may have inadvertently been her own fault for being too darn fashionable!

Kate Middleton

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The day before the Princess attended the rugby, Prince George was Prince William's ultimate mini-me as he made an adorable appearance at the World Cup with his dad

While attending this engagement, Kate Middleton joked about Prince George taking 'full advantage' of this aspect of royal engagements. While chatting with World Rugby chairman, Sir Bill Beaumont, the Princess spoke about her eldest son's appearance at the rugby the day before and how much he enjoyed eating the pizza in the VIP box. "I love that he took full advantage," Kate was heard saying. "He tucked into the pizza alright," Sir Beaumont joked. Catherine then laughed and said, "Yes, I know, I did hear that."

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