Sarah Ferguson's 'original' card to royal fan after Queen's death revealed

The Duchess of York has paid tribute to the late Queen Elizbaeth II with a touching poem

Sarah Ferguson's 'original' card to royal fan after Queen's death revealed
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Sarah Ferguson has paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II in a handwritten message to a royal fan. 

Sarah Ferguson has shown off her writing skills in a touching tribute to the late Queen, honoring the late monarch's legacy with an original poem and colorful sketch. 

A royal fan shared the Duchess of York's touching note on her official Instagram page, katsroyalletters, on Friday after receiving the special message in the mail. 

The image shows an untitled poem handwritten in blue ink on yellow stationery and dated September 9, 2022, one day after the Queen's death at Balmoral Castle. A rainbow has also been sketched with differently colored pencils behind the text. 

Its lines include, 'When you see a rainbow appear, you know I am near, never fear' and 'I may not physically be standing there but in your heart I will never veer.' 


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Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson and the Queen 

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Sarah's touching words are a clear nod to the double rainbow that appeared outside Buckingham Palace shortly before Her Majesty's death was announced. A single rainbow was also seen at Windsor Castle, the Queen's Berkshire home, as well as at Balmoral Castle, in the hours after she passed. 

"I received this wonderful and thoughtful poem from Sarah, the Duchess of York after the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth," 'katsroyalletters' captioned the post. The upload of the sentimental note was met by a handful of sweet comments from royal fans, with one person commenting, "How original and sweet" and another follower writing, "It's a beautiful reply." 

Sarah Ferguson has never been shy about her reverence for the late Queen Elizabeth II. The author revealed she was 'heartbroken' by Her Majesty's passing on September, hailing the monarch as "the most fantastic example of duty and service and steadfastness" in an emotional post in the hours following her death. Sarah has also adopted the Queen's Corgis, Muick and Sandy, calling the adorable dogs the 'presents' that keep on giving on her 63rd birthday last month. 

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