The Queen's funeral details leaked as 'operation London Bridge' revealed

The Queen's funeral plans and how her death will be announced is leaked, leaving Buckingham Palace fuming

The Queen
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The Queen's funeral plans and how her death will be announced has been leaked. 'Operation London Bridge' details the explicit plans laid out for the day her majesty passes away.

The Queen's death will be revealed in 'Operation London Bridge', a codename for the plans laid out on the sad day of her passing. This is only months after Prince Charles said Prince Philip’s death left an ‘empty seat’ at their family's dinner table.

There's no suggestion that these plans have been revisited with any urgency, as the Queen is apparently in good health despite her advanced years. At 95-years-old, she still rides horses and drives. She also maintains that sharp wit she's become so well known for.

Although tidbits of information, regarding the carefully planned order of events following the royal's passing, have been revealed over the years—this is the first time we have all the information. 

Politico publicized the plan, which has been a closely kept secret for many years. Seemingly, the latest version of the plan has had a rejig owing to potential issues caused by the pandemic.

The Queen's funeral will be held 10 days after her passing. The Queen's death will be referred to as D-Day and the 10 days that follow will be referred to as D+1, D+2, and so on.

The Queen

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According to the operation, permanent secretaries will be instructed to follow a very particular script when telling their ministers the sad news.  "We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty The Queen," is the official line, and they'll be told to maintain the utmost 'discretion.'

As well as this, ministers and senior civil servants will be emailed by the cabinet secretary. According to the leaked documents, the email will read, "Dear colleagues, It is with sadness that I write to inform you of the death of Her Majesty The Queen."

After this email is sent out, all of the flags across Whitehall will be lowered to half-mast, which they aim to do within 10 minutes.

Prince Charles will address the nation on the sad day of his mother’s death, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (or his successor) will be the first member of government to issue a statement. This will come after a 'call cascade' informing the prime minister, the Cabinet secretary and a number of senior ministers and  top governmental officials.

The plan adds that the prime minister and his Cabinet will meet the Queen's coffin at London St. Pancras station. Following this, the new King Charles is to embark on a tour of the UK ahead of his mother's funeral.

The royal's body will lie in state for three days at the Houses of Parliament and there are such enormous concerns over the volume of people who'll descend on the capital. As such, an enormous security plan is in place. 

One official memo in the operation mentions concerns that London could become 'full' for the first time ever—adding concerns that the city will be at gridlock, there will be policing and food shortages.

Buckingham Palace nor the British government have addressed the leak.

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