Sarah Ferguson is not invited to Prince Philip’s funeral

But the Duchess of York has reportedly been supporting the Queen in a unique way...

Sarah Ferguson
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Sarah Ferguson will not be attending the funeral of her former father in law Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, but she has found a different way to support the Queen.

Prince Philip sadly passed away on Friday 9th April 2021 at the age of 99. 

• Royal sources confirmed to The Sun that Sarah Ferguson will not be attending the funeral of Prince Philip

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Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, and mother to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, will not be in attendance at Prince Philip's funeral, which is taking place on Saturday 17th April 2021. 

It was reported by The Sun, “Fergie, 61, has not been invited to the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on Saturday, royal sources confirmed yesterday.”

It is thought that this is due to the current restrictions in the UK that limit the number of people in attendance at funerals. At present, only 30 people can attend a funeral. For this same reason, it is believed that Prince WIlliam and Kate’s children will also not be in attendance, nor will Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. 

The Sun also reported that the Duchess of York and her ex-husband have both been by the Queen’s side in the past week. It is thought that the former couple have been taking the Queen on walks and keeping her occupied. The Sun reported, “They have been making the short drive from Royal Lodge to Windsor Castle, sometimes twice a day, to walk with the Queen and her new corgis.”

A Royal insider told The Sun, “An insider said: “They have been going on short walks around the gardens with the Queen and her corgis. Sarah’s very much in the fold now that the Duke of Edinburgh has gone. The Queen has always had a soft spot for Sarah and regards her as an excellent mother.”

Sarah and the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly had a fractious relationship, following her divorce from Prince Andrew. In a Channel 5 documentary, 'When Fergie Met The Monarchy', royal commentators discussed how Fergie was treated following the separation.

“Basically after the break-up of the marriage, the family ignores Fergie. Prince Philip is absolutely incandescent with rage with her. Because he feels that she’s let down the monarchy. The monarchy that he has spent his entire life supporting – i.e. his wife, the Queen,' revealed Royal biographer Ingrid Steward.

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