‘It’s Turned Into Bullying’: Ruth Langsford Defends Duchess Of Cambridge After Viewers Criticise Her BAFTAs Dress

On Sunday night, actors and actresses descended onto the annual BAFTAs awards ceremony dressed in all black - in order to support the recent, Time's Up Movement.

Ruth Langsford has had her say on Catherine’s choice not to adhere to the suggested all-black dress code at the BAFTAs. Celebrities from across the globe opted for black in collaboration with the Times Up movement, in order to send a message, that women will no longer stand for inequality. Due to royal protocol, Catherine is unable to make political statements. And so, the royal turned instead to a dark green dress – with a subtle, black belt.

Some were critical of Catherine’s choice, writing, “V.disappointed that Kate Middleton didn’t wear BLACK in solidarity with other women.”

However, others were quick to defend the Duchess, claiming that it is her right to chose to wear whatever she wants.

One wrote, “I wonder if all the women campaigning for women’s rights appreciate the irony of their criticism of Kate Middleton not doing as she’s told.  #KateMiddleton

And one famous face who seems to agree with Catherine’s defenders, is Loose Women‘s Ruth Langsford.

Live on the daytime show, she and her fellow panellists discussed Catherine’s decision – and they weren’t happy with the backlash. On Monday’s episode, Ruth said of the Time’s Up movement, “I think it’s turning into bullying.

“I liked what Frances McDormand said about wearing her pink dress – that she had an issue with compliance, but was still on board with the movement. That’s how I feel.”

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Discussing Catherine’s decision to wear dark green over black, Ruth then made the point that the move doesn’t necessarily meant she doesn’t agree with female equality.

“Just because you don’t wear a particular dress doesn’t means you don’t agree with the sentiment. There isn’t a woman on the planet who doesn’t agree with equality and being treated with respect. If you want to wear a black dress, do, but people shouldn’t be vilified if they don’t want to do that.”

Ruth’s fellow panellist Jane Moore agreed, stating that her feelings had begun to feel frustration with the movement.

“For Kate, it’s Royal protocol that you only wear black when you’re attending a funeral. I don’t think anybody should be bullied into wearing a certain thing.

“In fact, I feel an element of annoyance with Hollywood. Sexual abuse has been happening all over the globe for years, but they’re only interested now.”

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