Queen Camilla proves trench coats go with everything as she pairs hers with stunning emerald green tunic dress

Queen Camilla's trench coat look proved that the neutral cover-up pairs with anything as she wowed in Armagh and Enniskillen

Queen Camilla's trench coat
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Queen Camilla's trench coat look was the perfect summer ensemble as Her Majesty stepped out in a bold look with a classic staple cover-up.

On Thursday, the King and Queen attended a number of royal engagements across Northern Ireland in Armagh and Enniskillen. While the King visited St Patrick's Cathedral, the Queen visited the Armagh Robinson Library and learned about the Playful Museums Initiative. 

The pair then joined together to watch a ‘Celebration of Culture’ in Market Theatre Square and then went to Enniskillen to meet members of the Kindness Postbox initiative which combats loneliness.

Queen Camilla

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For this busy day, the royal couple dressed fashionably with layers as the May weather in the UK is known to be temperamental. Camilla wore a knee-length emerald green tunic dress with intricate embroidery down the front on either side of the invisible zip seam at the front of the dress. This detailing was also replicated at the cuff of her three-quarter-length sleeves. The rigid collar and the pleated skirt added another layer of delicate detailing to this dress that was fit for a Queen.

The Queen's bold green dress took center stage and Camilla paired it with a pair of beige low heels from Sole Bliss. Sole Bliss is Queen Camilla's favorite shoe brand that proves enduring style and comfort go hand in hand as they support her feet throughout long engagements.

Queen Camilla

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Long Waterloo Heritage Trench Coat, ( £1,790

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Inspired by the original Burberry trench, the raglan sleeve design is made from shower-resistant gabardine. Like Queen Camilla's coat, this is a slightly longer trench that will graze you by your knees for a more demure look.

The Queen also draped a trench coat over her shoulders for this engagement. This is a very trendy look and showed that the Queen knows exactly how to style a trench coat. Her Majesty still had full use of her arms and hands and could interact with the crowd without wearing the coat fully and overheating.

The knee-length coat was in a classic neutral beige color, a tone that is most certainly one of the major coat trends of 2023. The Queen wore this coat very briefly the day before with a different look and showed how versatile this style of trench is. 

In a strange coincidence, King Charles owns a similar on-trend trench coat that he has had for many years. This shows that a trench coat is truly a timeless look that can accompany a variety of outfits all year round. 

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