Queen Camilla's favorite shoe brand proves enduring style and comfort go hand in hand

Queen Camilla's favorite shoe brand has been revealed and it has been Her Majesty's go-to sensible heel for a number of years

Queen Camilla's favorite shoe brand
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Queen Camilla's favorite shoe brand has been revealed, as the Queen consort has been snapped in this particular brand of sensible heels on a number of occassions over the years.

It may be easy to think that Queen Camilla's favorite shoe brand is probably an expensive designer like Jimmy Choo or Louboutin. And while the Queen is certainly no stranger to a designer look, the shoes that she tends to wear are actually far less expensive.

It has been revealed that the Queen's favorite shoe brand is Sole Bliss, a brand that specializes in making comfortable shoes for wider feet or feet with bunions.

"Three layers of underfoot cushioning protect and comfort the soles of your feet. Disguised depth accommodates wider feet. And a hidden 'Bunion Bed' stretch panel cushions and conceals any bunions or difficult joints. All this comfort is wrapped up in fashionable designs and flattering silhouettes," says the brand's website.

Queen Camilla

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Carmen Black Leather, Sole Bliss |$269.00 (£159)

Carmen Black Leather, Sole Bliss |$269.00 (£159)

A sophisticated and smart pump for bunions. Carmen is beautifully crafted from the finest black nappa leather and will take you from work to weekend style instantly. Featuring triple-layer cushioning and an invisible stretch panel to cushion and conceal bunions.

Ingrid: Cream Leather, Sole Bliss | $269.00 (£159.00)

Ingrid: Cream Leather, Sole Bliss | $269.00 (£159.00)

These light blocks heels for bunions are crafted in Spain from soft and stylish Cream Leather. They feature a rounded almond toe-shape, a stylish block heel and triple-layer cushioning for all-day comfort. Our Bunion Bed stretch panel and roomy toe-box accommodate any footshape. Wear Ingrid with your favorite dressy outfits or a pair of tapered trousers for a chic and modern look.

Queen Camilla has been snapped wearing a number of different styles of shoes from this brand. Photographs of the Queen suggest that she typically opts for the Ingrid and the Carmen style of shoes and prefers to wear the styles in muted tones such as black and nude, or a combination of the two. 

Over the years the Queen has also arrived in another pair of shoes and then swiftly changed into a second pair of Sole Bliss heels for the rest of the event.

Queen Camilla

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This suggests that while the Queen may still appreciate a designer look or a higher heel, she prefers to opt for a more functional heel that won't hurt her feet in the long run. Fortunately, these shoes from Sole Bliss are both functional and fashionable, meaning the Queen doesn't have to forgo style for the sake of comfort.

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