The Princess of Wales wore a 'significant' colour on anniversary of the Queen’s death that shows she 'will always be by' Prince William’s side

The Prince and Princess of Wales showed a strong 'solidarity' and 'deep rapport' with each other as they met with royal fans on the poignant day

Kate Middleton - Kate Middleton colour always be by Prince William's side
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The Princess of Wales is said to have displayed that she will 'always be by' Prince William's side with her outfit choice as the couple stepped out to meet with royal fans on the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's death. 

Princess Catherine's outfit of choice for her engagements on the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's death had many special and sweet details incorporated into it in memory of the late monarch. As well as wearing a stunning pair of Her late Majesty’s earrings for her visit to St Davids in Wales, she also opted for a hat made by a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, a special initiative set up by the Queen to support a diverse range of British craftspeople.

The look, which juxtaposed the more casual look Kate opted for later on the same day as she visited local community initiatives and the stunning heat-beating white outfit she wore the following day at the Rugby World Cup, not only honoured Queen Elizabeth, but also shared an important message with Kate's husband, Prince William, according to body language expert Darren Stanton.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren revealed that Kate's Eponine maroon coat dress showed William that 'she is open and will always be here by his side' as the deep purple tone is the colour of 'communication'. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton - Kate Middleton colour always be by Prince William's side

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Darren explained, "Kate is wearing purple, which is very significant here. It is the colour of communication and spirituality. It's clear from this clothing choice she wants William to know she's open, and she's here by his side and always will be."

He also added that the Prince and Princess of Wales perfectly mirrored each other’s body language during the engagement, with their cohesive movements showing that they are ‘there for each other emotionally’ and were in ‘complete solidarity’ as they met with well-wishers. 


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He said, "The key thing we can see between Kate and William is that every gesture and every part of their body language is mirrored completely. They have the same posture, their shoulders are back, and their bodies are pointing in the same direction. Their hands are also matching each other's. This shows they are in deep rapport with one another and are here for each other emotionally. It suggests their bond has never been stronger than it is right now and they're both on the same page in their relationship. It shows complete solidarity between them."

While William and Kate marked the poignant day in public, King Charles III and Prince Harry both kept out of the spotlight, though Charles did share a touching tribute to his mother via Instagram. However, Harry was seen at the WellChild Awards on the eve of the anniversary and Darren believes he looked ‘overwhelmed’ as he displayed signs of being 'nervous'.

Prince William and Kate Middleton - Kate Middleton colour always be by Prince William's side

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“Harry clearly feels slightly overwhelmed and nervous," he said. "His facial expression shows he obviously is feeling sad, but his face is also flushed, and that shows he is feeling nervous too. All the memories will be rushing back now that he is with his family again and back in the UK. 

"We rarely see Harry put his hands in his pockets in public engagements, but we did see that today. That is Harry's way of reassuring himself when he's not feeling his 100% self. He's normally very confident and will have his head held up high, putting on a brave face, but I can see he is putting his hands in his pockets as a distraction and trying to protect himself as he is feeling every emotion right now."

King Charles also appeared to be 'unsettled' and full of 'nervousness' as the anniversary approached, with the body language expert revealing that he was clearly 'overwhelmed with grief' during his last public appearance. 

"King Charles looks like he is feeling completely overwhelmed with emotion and grief. He appears to look washed up. You can see all the emotion in his facial expressions. I can tell he is emotional, as his face is redder than usual, and he looks unsettled and nervous. 

"You can tell he is missing his mother more than ever. It's all still very raw that she's no longer here. [The anniversary] will stir up a lot of feelings and it's clear Charles is going through it."

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